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Opearting under a variety of guises, including Heidika, Carousell, Harlassen and Clouwbeck, Richard Skelton creates powerful, instrumental music out of densely-layered acoustic guitar, bowed strings, piano, mandolin and accordion, often laced with delicate, shimmering percussion. The result is something utterly unique - a music which is both life-affirming and yet etched with memory and loss. It is with A Broken Consort, perhaps, that Skelton most-assuredly draws these elements together, creating an ever-changing drift of rich textures and interleaved melody that effortlessly evokes the landscapes which inspired it. Box Of Birch, his second album in this guise, was originally published in a boxed edition that contained, among other things, birch twigs collected from West Pennine Moors. For Skelton these things act as a synecdoche for the landscape itself, a physical connection to the places in which much of his music is recorded.  

1. A Sundering Path
2. Weight of Days
3. Something Fell
4. The Elder Lie

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