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"…these Rogue Audio components will form a convincing and beguiling musical heart to a two-channel system. Yes, there are electronics out there that offer more detail and superficially sharper and more impressive sound. None I've heard in this price range can better the Rogue's all-around musical ability, the way they put performers in the room with you, drawing you to the music rather than the system. The Cronus arrives as a distinctive and decidedly different alternative to the made in China crowd; the Stealth just reinforces its appeal. Aptly named, Rogue Audio prove that there's life in the old dog yet." – Roy Gregory, Hi-Fi+, Issue 58

High performance low noise outboard mm/mc phono section.

General Features:
- Moving magnet (mm) or Moving coil (mc) operation
- High performance op amp circuit topology
- Precise RIAA equalization
- Massive fully regulated power supply
- Toroidal transformer
- Internal settings for 100, 300, 1000 and 47k Ohm loading
- Internal setting for 150 Picofared or 0 capacitance loading
- Four gain settings: 40dB, 50dB, 60dB, 65dB
- Ultra heavy-duty gold RCA inputs
- Precision components throughout
- Heavy machined aluminum faceplate
- Two heavy (2 ounce) copper circuit boards
- Teflon/silver plated hook-up wire
- Detachable IEC power cord
- Entirely designed and built in the USA
- 3 year limited warranty

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Very Nice

posted on 06/29/2018
5 Stars
Reviewer: LD100
For the last 26 years I have used the MM input in my McIntosh pre amp from a SUT for my MC cartridges. Three days ago the right channel MM section died. Jeepers, doesn't anything last?

Anyway, since my doctors took the money I was saving up for a BAT or ARC tube phono preamp, I found this Rogue Audio Stealth on sale since they discontinued this model.

It's op amps not tubes but for the money it will certainly do nicely...actually, as I am currently breaking it is a nice jump up from the internal phono amp in the McIntosh. I'm sure a $4000 tube Balanced Audio Technologies phono pre amp would spank it, but it's certainly doing the job and better then what I had been using.

A little inconvenient if you want to change settings, 10 screws and the top have to come off in order to access the switches. In my case both my MC cartridges like the same settings so it's not a problem. I will certainly add Rogue Audio to my list of tube phono preamps when I am back in the market.

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