Hugh Masekela - Hope


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Product No.:
AAPJ 82020
UPC: 753088820212

45 RPM Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2
Note: 200 Gram

45 RPM    

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200 Gram Vinyl Record

200-gram 45 RPM double LP reissue from Analogue Productions!

Remastered by Kevin Gray

Now pressed at Quality Record Pressings!

"…Hope is one of those intensely visceral, large as life, and immediately present recordings that will make pretty much any system sound at least very good, and will cause better ones to raise goose bumps." – Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound, August 2008

"A stunning demo disc to test or show off any stereo system." – Playback, June 2008

"Here's another masterpiece from Chad Kassem and Kevin Gray…you would swear that you are listening to a master tape in your living room…this one is great for showing off what your stereo system can do." – Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio, No. 15, 2008

"…Believe me, this double 45 makes the CD sound like digital dog crap. It you thought the CD version sounded good, you ain't heard nuttin' yet."  - Michael Fremer,

"Wow! Hugh Masekela never sounded more real – the BEST Masekela album, a definitive must have!" – Danny Kaey, Positive-Feedback Online

A longtime audiophile demonstration disc. Hope will show off your system's dynamic range as well as any record ever released. Hugh Masekela, the outstanding South African trumpeter, assembled a seven-piece group and recorded this great set live at Washington, D.C.'s Blues Alley. The songs stretch over a period of nearly five decades and serve as an informal guided tour of Masekela's life. The songs are honest and bare, and as for the sound – WOW!


1. Abangoma (The Healers)
2. Languta
3. Grazin' In The Grass
4. Nomali
5. Marketplace
6. Ntyilo Ntyilo (The Love Bird)
7. Stimela (The Coal Train)

Customer Reviews (5.00 Stars) 18 person(s) rated this product.

Great Sound!

posted on 02/17/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Mr. Freak
In this album Hugh Masekela has brought the sound of Aferica to Washington, D.C. I know of no song that brings one's attention to the plight of Aferican slave workers more than Coal Train. It is the last cut on the album and well worth the wait. I guarantee you will be brought to tears by this last cut. Thank God, the material that comes before it will have you moving to the rhythm and clapping your hands in pure joy. An added benefit to this wonderful disk, is that the sound capture here is simply great! I always loved my visis to Blues Alley in the Georgetown section of D.C. and listing to 'Hope' is like being on the set. Buy this record, you will not be disappointed.

Recording quality....

posted on 10/23/2012
5 Stars
I purchased this album on the advice of a serious vinyl enthusiast. It has been described as a "must have" in the arsenal of any stereo equipment salesman. And at 45 rpm, the dynamics really come forth in an explosive fashion. This may not be your style of music, but the talent and recording quality is undeniable.


posted on 05/22/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Jorge Ferreira
an audiophile and music lover must have!

Simply Stunning!

posted on 05/02/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Darrick
I have been wanting to get this album for some time and I was not disappointed. The soundstage, clarity and depth of the recording are remarkable. If you are an audiophile this is a must have, if you are someone who enjoys music like myself you still need to find a way to buy this lp. This album sounds so lifelike it is eerie. My system consists of a Music Hall 9 mounted with a Sumiko Blackbird run through a Pro Ject SE Tube phono Pre amp with upgraded Telefunken 12AX7 tubes. This is powered by my Music Hall Mambo Class A 50 watt integrated amp driving a pair of Focal 726V speakers. The reason I put this in was to say if it sounds this realistic on my system it is difficult to imagine what it must sound like on a true audiophile system.


posted on 06/22/2011
5 Stars
Reviewer: GP
I have a couple thousand audiophile LPs in my collection and this just might be the best I've heard.....BY FAR!! It's a rare thing in this hobby to find an LP that is satisfying both musically and sonically (I stole that line). This one has it all. Grab a copy while it's still available. I can't wait to get home tonight to play it again.

I'm stunned I haven't heard more rave reviews. If not for a friend's recommendation, I never would have found this LP. Thanks Dude!


posted on 07/30/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: M
Absolutely fantastic. Best sound quality album I have bought from Acoustic Sounds


posted on 12/30/2009
5 Stars
Reviewer: Mat & Julie
OH MY GOD. What a great recording. Gonna have to buy more 45's now.

One of my favorites

posted on 09/08/2009
5 Stars
Reviewer: Lou K
Must have recording. This is what all live recodrings should sound like.


posted on 07/01/2009
5 Stars
Reviewer: Paolo
Hugh Masekela at the top. Just the song "Stimela" makes this album a masterpiece

incredible sound!

posted on 10/22/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Sergey
incredible sound!!! Must have!

Buy this LP

posted on 03/07/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: David Tullar
If you used to love your stereo, but that love is dimming so your thinking of a megabuck upgrade, listen to this LP on your system first. It is ultra dynamic, soulful, subtle and delicate, loud, quiet, playful and serious. The pressing is as perfect as my ears can hear. I played it louder than any LP in my collection and heard no flaws. This will make you love your music system. Very Highest recommendations.

This is an absolut perfect record

posted on 02/15/2008
5 Stars

As good as it gets!

posted on 02/01/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Bill Spence
This is pretty close to that. Totally quiet when it needs to be with damn near perfect balance and plenty of air. Oh yeah, the music is tremendous, too!! Figures with these guys, though. Just one big WOW. Make sure this is on top of the list.

A Hope Supreme

posted on 01/19/2008
5 Stars
I've played the Triloka CD of 'Hope' for years - it is a great CD. The 45rpm vinyl reissue, with its big groove dynamics and gobs more harmonic nuance, takes this audiophile classic to a whole new level. Kudos to Analogue Productions - you guys done good!

WOW indeed, a must-have

posted on 01/15/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Dave
I've heard "Stimela (The Coal Train)" in my audio dealer's show room and always wanted a copy, so I jumped this release.

There were others watching TV in the listening room when I opened the album and first played "Stimela" for the first time, so I used my In-Ear-Monitors (Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10 Pros). I was stunned by the absolute silence of the pressing. It's as silent as the best CDs while retaining incredible dynamic range. I'd love to personally congratulate the recording engineer that was able to capture this performance live.

Throughout the whole recording you get a presentation like sitting 10-feet away from the performers. The bass is slamming and the horn timbres and incredibly accurate. I play trumpet and know trumpet/flugel and tenor sax sound. This is IT. There's so much energy. This is no studio doodling session but a man pooring his heart out.

The whole album is wonderful. This performance of "Grazin' in the Grass" is a definitive performance I've heard.

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