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T 201MM

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Shelter introduces a Moving Magnet cartridge that stays true to this great company's "family sound." The unique quality of the 201 MM is that it offers tremendous musicality without being overly critical of the quality of vinyl it is tracking. This is an outstanding bonus when considering an entry-level analog front end. The 201 MM would be a great choice for use with Thorens, Pro-Ject, Music Hall, Rega or Clearaudio turntables.

Type: Moving Magnet
Output Voltage: 4mV
Stylus Shape: Elliptical, .3 x .7 mil
Tracking Force: 1.5 – 2.0 grams
Recommended Load: >47k/open
Weight: 6 grams

Customer Reviews (5.00 Stars) 2 person(s) rated this product.

Maybe The Best In The Price Range?

posted on 01/25/2009
5 Stars
I've just now got about 40 hours on my Shelter 201 & it sounds great. Bass is probably as good as a Grado with detail like the AT 440. Why not get the best of both worlds for the price of either of the others? In this price range, it easily gets 5 stars. Highly recommended!

Smooth and silky

posted on 02/11/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Bryan
My previous cartridge is an Adcom xlt (170.00 in 1980 $$). I lost the specs to the cartridge, but it does have gold plated connectors and a true diamond as the stylus; when looking under a magnifier, you could see through the diamond and clearly see the facets, like a gemstone. I consider the sound from the Adcom to be neutral and smooth, with nothing particularly outstanding, but definitely smooth. The reason I changed was due to its age (28 years) and I did notice light corrosion in the magnet assembly. Also, the highs on some hot recordings were beginning to irritate me, a sign of needle wear I'm told.

My impressions thus far is that the Shelter is warm, musical, with transparent midrange, fat but tuneful bass, and airy highs; extends farther at both ends than my Adcom. I am very pleased, as my LPs retain their liquid and musical presentation of the Adcom, but goes deeper and extends higher, providing me with a richer listening experience. I highly recommend it!

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