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May not work effectively with the VPI Scout at 45RPM due to the motor pulley/platter height differences.
Upgrade your original coned feet on any Scout, Scoutmaster, Super Scoutmaster or Aries Series turntable ever made with the NEW VPI Mini TNT Replacement Feet! These heavier and more stable composite TNT-Style Feet provide greater stability, vibration control and better sound.

This is one of the best, most affordable and easiest to install upgrades VPI has ever made. Just unscrew your existing coned feet and screw in your new VPI Mini TNT Stabilizer Feet to take your turntable one step closer in sound to VPI's flagship model, the TNT HRX!

The VPI Mini Stabilizer TNT Feet fit almost exactly inside the dimensions of your Scout, Scoutmaster, Super Scoutmaster or Aries Plinths which means no incompatibility with dustcovers and the like!

The VPI Mini Stabilizer TNT Feet are quite heavy (almost one pound per foot), well isolated and have a very stable 2 1/2" diameter footprint! They are made of a composite of Delrin and Stainless Steel similar the plinth of the highly acclaimed VPI HRX. They also have a damping mechanism integrated into the design as well. The bottom of the feet have three steel ball bearings that are the contact point with your stand to further minimize vibration. The result of all these design features is a lower noise floor, tighter bass and improved overall clarity and soundstage for your VPI Turntable.

Easy to use and install! Just unscrew the existing coned feet beneath your plinth and replace them with the VPI Mini TNT Feet!

1 7/8" Tall
2 1/2" Diameter

Customer Reviews (5.00 Stars) 2 person(s) rated this product.

Feet Fit w/ 45's

posted on 05/21/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Tim Butler
I have this upgrade and I don't have a problem with pulley alignment when playing 45rpm LP's. But I do have the motor housing sitting on a computer mouse pad that's about 1/4" thick. These feet do add sonic clarity and look cooler to boot.

Did they say adds LOW END!

posted on 10/27/2007
5 Stars
Reviewer: Miller
This is amazing, Installed the Mini Feet and the range of sound from my turn table is extended to new levels of base right off the bat. Wow. Just a slight adjustment to level the unit before I played my first LP and then old or new 200gm 180gm standard release, heavy pressing, new disk, or 40-50 years old, every LP I play sounds better than it did this morning before the feet were delivered.

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