AudioQuest - Optilink 5 - 1 meter




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• 65 Quartz (Glass) Fibers
• Low Distortion
• Low Loss
• Low Jitter

When using a Toslink (EIA-J) fiber optic cable, it is the "one" most important audio cable in your system. The sound quality of all the channels, whether two or five or more, are dependent on this one cable to deliver an undistorted, smooth, clear and dynamic performance.

The 65 quartz (glass) fibers in OptiLink-5 are unequalled in their ability to transmit an undistorted signal. Any fiber optic cable can transmit light or dark, but the ability to preserve information is not at all equal.

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Quartz Magic

posted on 08/24/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: i.s.
I was in the process of selling all my digital gear and focus only on analog playback. I only had my Benchamark DAC1 left when I decided to try hooking up the DAC1 to the Apple TV. I have to say that I was impressed at the potential that the Apple TV had with my DAC1. The sound is bit on the lite side, but I knew it could be improved.

I got rid off the cheap tosslink cable I was using and connected a new Audioquest Optilink-5. This combination is the best digital sound I've had in my system. Once this cable was in, the sound was more solid, more crystal clear and had more depth.

Of course, I'm not implying the this combo sounds as good as my analog rig, but it makes a decent digital recording sound quite pleasing.

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