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We've been using this mat at Acoustic Sounds for the last few months on several different turntables. This mat really does work. Here, in the words of its creators, is how:

Imagine turntable perfection – a symbiosis resulting from a perfect closed loop. Do something daft; use a wrong mat and break the loop and reproduction is ruined! Obvious?

In 1980, the undisputed choice to sit a record on was a soft felt mat. It must have been right. Or was it rubber, or silicone, or cork, or…? All claimed to be best at "damping," but how could they all be right? The answer? No one had a clue! A classic example of "Random Evolution" at work?

Then Arthur Khoubesserian arrived. Forwarding a theory matching disc/platter impedance, he released the Pink Triangle with its naked acrylic platter. This caused nothing short of uproar in the industry. His (now logical) suggestion to sit a record directly on "hard" acrylic was heresy. Heresy? The idea worked! Seems like someone actually knew what they were up to. Today, survival of the fittest means acrylic platters are "de rigueur" in all self-respecting quality turntables. What is it that they say about imitation and flattery?

Unfortunately for the competition today, for all its benefits, acrylic's limitations have caught up. Its mechanic-acoustic impedance doesn't precisely match that of the record. In thin sections its characteristic are poor, so as a mat it is not very good.

Now, The Funk Firm introduces the next stage in vinyl evolution: Achromat. Achromat's new material matches records 100 percent. It can't get better. It doesn't stop there. Achromat is further optimized by the introduction of bubbles. These gradually increase internal damping making Achromat more effective. The reduced weight helps for use as a universal mat.

The results you'll hear are more space and air, inky black backgrounds, layered timbral color, better midband resolution and sonorous deep bass.

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The Flat Mat

posted on 05/23/2007
4 Stars
Reviewer: William G. Utz
I would recommend this mat if you use a weight or clamp on top, as the surface is a bit slick and the record will tend to slide otherwise. It has the neat feature of being very clean and not holding or trapping any dirt or lint on the surface. While I am using daily in preference over multiple alternative rubber and gel mats, I canot say whether it is significantly better in sound, but then it is the one I use.

LP 12 Owners, You Must Try This!

posted on 04/07/2006
5 Stars
Reviewer: Tom Nielsen
Throw the Felt away! Don't waste time with the other mats. This one works! There is so much more music to hear and this mat really made a difference. Compared to the original Felt, the Extreme Phono - Donut None Felt Mat with Green Skin, also from Acoustic Sounds, the Acromat was remarkably better. More well controlled base but not tubby and more depth in the soundstage. You will hear things you couldn't hear before. You will be very pleased with this upgrade to your LP 12. Mine has never sounded better.

It's true.

posted on 03/17/2006
5 Stars

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