Charlie Mariano - The New Sounds from Boston with Charlie Mariano





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APRG 130

10 inch Vinyl Record

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"As the first album in a series devoted to the modern music being played in the various sections and more particularly cities of the United States, PRESTIGE presents Jazz In Boston. Unless you are from the Boston area, the names in this album will probably be unfamiliar. The information concerning the musicians will help to introduce them, while the music within will lengthen and strengthen the acquaintance. Charlie Mariano is the leader of the various groups and easily the best known modern musician from the Boston area, excepting Serge Chaloff and Roy Haynes who gained their recognition away from the Hub...The various moods of the pieces and sizes of the groups serve as a excellent framework for the musical experimentations of the Boston Workshop. I hope this album has shown you that good modern music is being produced in areas other than readily acknowledged places such as New York and Chicago." - from the original liner notes by Ira Gitler

These Prestige 10-inch LPs were pressed several years ago in the U.S. for a custom order to Japan. The remaining stock is extremely limited and therefore highly collectable. The covers match the original graphics. There are no bar codes or legal lines. Get 'em while they last. These are rare, one-time-only issues.

1. Boston Uncommon (Masters A & B)
2. The Wizard (Masters A & B)
3. Mariners
4. Aviary
5. Tzoris
6. Autumn in New York

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