Goldring - GR-1.2 Turntable w/Goldring Elektra cartridge



Product No.: S GR1
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"...This turntable is cracking value...Goldring is back in business with a product to challenge the best in this price range..." - What HiFi?, February 2004

The slim, elegantly designed GR1.2 is a manual, full-sized, two-speed, belt-drive model. The Goldring tonearm features a close tolerance, double ball-race bearing assembly and a super rigid, one-piece, cast aluminum arm tube. It comes ready fitted and aligned with a high quality Goldring Elektra Moving Magnet phono cartridge.

" was amazingly musical. It has real zest and gusto. There's a tiny bit of wobble on pianos, but this is rarely obvious...while the wonderfully direct sound is. It's remarkable for the money." - HiFi World, January 2004

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