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Today, the Requiem stands as one of Berlioz’s most famous works. This massive piece is a large-scale example of Berlioz’s compositional genius and fiery sense of the dramatic, and the instrumental forces alone set the Requiem apart as one of the most ambitious compositions ever penned. This recording, with Abravanel at the helm, was considered one of the most magnificent and dramatic of its time, and the superb performances of the Utah Symphony Orchestra and University Civic Chorale find new glory in the surround mix of this theatrical piece.

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CD Side
Requiem Et Kyrie - Intoitus
Requiem Et Kyrie - Intoitus
- Prosa, Tuba Mirum
Quid Sum Miser
Rex Tremendae
Quaerans Me
Sanctus Agnus Dei

DVD Side
Complete Requiem, Op. 5 in High Resolution 192 kHz/24 bit Stereo
''Remembering Abravanel's Utah Symphony'' Video
Composer Biography
Historic Image Gallery
ROM Content

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