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Like a bolt from heaven, Nico cast off the understated pace of her work as chanteuse of the Velvet Underground - and the heavily orchestrated folk-rock of her solo debut, Chelsea Girl - for the relentlessly bleak and cobalt-blue cool avant-garde stylings of The Marble Index. Produced by the former Velvets’ John Cale, and employing the harmonium as a lead instrument, The Marble Index is revered now more than it ever was when released in 1969, as the gurgling headwaters source of Goth Rock.

1. Prelude
2. Lawns of Dawns
3. No One is There
4. Ari's Song
5. Facing the Wind
6. Julius Cesar (Memento Hodie)
7. Frozen Warnings
8. Evening of Light

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Typical Sundazed re-issue

posted on 03/12/2016
2 Stars
Reviewer: joey1127
Why is every Sundazed re-issue I've purchased warped and scratched??? This title is no exception. Want a decent sounding copy, better find an original. Have a Crossly record player, buy this copy...such a waist of good money and a good recording :-(

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