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A mix of analog synthesizers, organs, electric pianos, and processed voices. Air’s music is a blend of Euro-dance and new wave. For as far-out as the music is, it’s somehow very accessible, and Moon Safari was a very successful record upon its 1998 release.

1. Femme d'Argent
2. Sexy Boy
3. All I Need
4. Kelly Watch the Stars
5. Talisman
6. Remember
7. You Make It Easy
8. Ce Matin-La
9. New Star in the Sky
10. Voyage de Penelope

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Truly Wonderful Music

posted on 04/07/2009
5 Stars
Reviewer: Adam Grede
Music of the truly inspired. AIR is a musically emotional experience and this album: one of their most sensational works. Every song embraces you into a journey of undefined creative potential and a collaboration of instrumentation second to none.

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