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Single Layer Stereo SACD

Single Layer Stereo SACD


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Tribute to Jimi Hendrix on SACD!

Dr. Lonnie Smith is an unparalleled musician, composer, performer and recording artist. An authentic master and guru of the Hammond B-3 organ for over five decades, he has been featured on more than 70 albums, and has recorded and performed with a virtual "Who's Who" of the greatest jazz, blues and R&B giants in the industry. Consequently, he has often been hailed as a "Legend," a "Living Musical Icon," and as the most creative jazz organist by a slew of music publications. Jazz Times magazine describes him as "a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a turban!" Always ahead of the curve, it is no surprise Dr. Smith's fan-base is truly worldwide.

Since leaving the Blue Note stable in the '70s, Dr. Smith has recorded for a slew of record labels, ascending the charts many times. His unpredictable, insatiable musical taste illustrates that no genre is safe, as Lonnie has recorded everything from covers of the Beatles, the Stylistics and the Eurythmics, to tribute albums of Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane and Beck–all by employing ensembles ranging from a trio to a 15-piece big band. Moreover, many of Doc's recent compositions reflect dramatic ethereal qualities and orchestration that elicit movie scores or soundtracks. Dr. Smith has been amused to find himself sampled in rap, dance and house grooves while being credited as a forefather of acid jazz. When questioned about his consistent interest in music some consider outside the jazz "mainstream," Lonnie shrugs. "Jazz is American Classical," he proclaims. "And this music is a reflection of what's happening at the time… The organ is like the sunlight, rain and thunder…it's all the worldly sounds to me!"

"The resurrection of Lonnie Smith continues with this exciting mini-survey of the Jimi Hendrix legacy. This time, the material allows Smith's crackling, tightly knit collaborators, John Abercrombie and Marvin "Smitty" Smith, to run a bit wild — indeed, Abercrombie's tone and attack takes on a Hendrix-like cast on the title track — while Lonnie mostly remains in the same cool soul-jazz frame of mind, an excellent foil.

"The most ambitious track, 'Castles Made of Sand,' takes on a military rhythm before breaking out into Smitty's everywhere-at-once drum patterns, cooking at a fine boil through its 23 1/2-minute length before breaking into a suitably chaotic rendition of 'The Star Spangled Banner' toward the end. On the latter, Abercrombie has a ball pouring on the sarcasm, and Lonnie bounces around the organ. 'Third Stone from the Sun' moves at a casual, loping pace before Abercrombie and Smitty go into their guitar- and drum-slinger modes. Finally, there is a bit of fantasy in Lonnie's 'Jimi Meets Miles' — a musical event that nearly happened — with Abercrombie doing a laconic Hendrix impression over a propulsive rhythm that recalls Miles' Bitches Brew period." — AllMusic

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Lonnie Smith, organ
John Abercrombie, electric guitar
Marvin "Smitty" Smith, drums

1. Foxy Lady
2. Castles Made Of Sand ~ Star Spangled Banner
3. Third Stone From The Sun
4. Jimi Meets Miles

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