The Incredible String Band - The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter





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If any musical combo ever meshed perfectly with the times it was the Incredible String Band. The wildly eclectic Scottish folk outfit began life resurrecting wondrous and ancient Celtic ballads, then was transformed by the perfumed winds of 1967’s psychedelic revolution to add sitar, oud, gimbri and all manner of exotic axes to its arsenal. The result is a gently mesmerizing psychedelia and anti-folk stance — consummate counterpoint to current psych heroes like Mogwai and Beachwood Sparks — that makes perfectly clear why the Incredible String Band remains just that: Incredible!

1. Koeeoaddi There
2. The Minotaur’s Song
3. Witches Hat
4. A Very Cellular Song
5. Mercy I Cry City
6. Waltz Of The New Moon
7. The Water Song
8. Three Is A Green Crown
9. Swift As The Wind
10. Nightfall

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Nice Job by Sundazed.

posted on 11/16/2005
4 Stars
For once I can truly say that this reissue is better than the (Electra) original. The voices/bells/mouth harps etc etc are all produced from a "black" background and sound very sweet indeed. I saw these guys play in the 60's and they never sounded as good as this record. Highly recommended.

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