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The fourth studio album by the British progressive rock band, originally released in 1996.

"The first proper album by the full band, Signify was the next great step forward for Porcupine Tree, a distinct advancement in how well the foursome could completely rock out as well as find its own narcotic style of ambient exploration. The title track signals intentions clearly after the fragmentary sample-collage start of 'Bornlivedie' kicks things off. Based on a storming riff from Wilson, the Edwin/Maitland team provide a crisp, driving beat, while Barbieri throws some intriguingly aggressive keyboard work, nervy and unsettling, to offset the calmer parts he also adds to fill things out.

"Everyone gets to show a little bit of individual flair as the album progresses. Edwin punctuates the epic surge of 'Sleep of No Dreaming' with some plucked double bass as well as electric, while Maitland himself takes over on (wordless) vocals and full composition for 'Light Mass Prayers,' a minimal, entrancing piece. One thing that hasn't noticeably changed much is Wilson's general songwriting and ear for arrangements — good, but there's little in the way of distinct change in style, leaving it to the performance of the band as a whole to provide the album's own unique stamp." — AllMusic


1. Bornlivedie
2. Signify
3. Sleep Of No Dreaming
4. Pagan
5. Waiting Phase One
6. Waiting Phase Two
7. Sever
8. Idiot Prayer
9. Every Home Is Wired
10. Intermediate Jesus
11. “Light Mass Prayers"
12. Dark Matter
13. The Sound Of No-one Listening
14. Colourflow In Mind
15. Signify II

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