VPI - VPI Dustcover for Scout JMW9

VPI - VPI Dustcover for Scout JMW9




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Sorry, this Product is no longer available.

The VPI Scout dustcover is a clear, Plexiglas cover that covers the platter and tonearm. It is simple and elegant.

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Pretty Stupid

posted on 10/26/2017
3 Stars
It probably protects the turntable but the design is adolescent as there is nothing about this that is tailored to the scout. It sits on the platter and doesn't extend down to the plinth. I would have easily paid double if this was designed properly.

Acoustic Sounds shipped and delivered the product as expected - this is clearly an issue with the manufacturer.

Doesn't really do the job!

posted on 02/29/2012
2 Stars
Reviewer: Andre Veloux
I thought this would fit snugly over my Scoutmaster, but it just kind of floats above the turntable plinth. Looks quite silly, and doesn't really do the dustcover job. I would have been better off with the much more expensive full dustcover.

physical and dust protection

posted on 08/13/2006
5 Stars
Reviewer: mike in st. louis
Protects your ttable from dropped objects. This cover keeps a static charge that draws dust to it self and away from your table. The most economical cover I have found that offers physical protection.

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