Pete Townshend - Psychoderelict

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Limited edition 180-gram orange vinyl

Half-speed remastering by Abbey Road Studios

Universal Music is reissuing remixed and remastered vinyl versions of leader of The Who Pete Townshend's first seven solo albums. The albums encompass numerous solo hits such as his Top 10 U.S. single "Let My Love Open the Door" as well as "Face the Face" and "A Little is Enough" plus future Who songs like "Pure and Easy."

The specific album titles are Who Came First, Rough Mix, Empty Glass, All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes, White City, The Iron Man and 1993's Psychoderelict.

Pete Townshend's fourth studio solo album, 1993's Psychoderelict, takes you on a trip of wild imagination and storyline plot from start to finish. Over a 22-composition/1-hour + timeframe, Townshend intermingles a soap opera-like narrative with polished contemporary music to depict the life and times of musical celebrity, Ray High (based on Townshend himself) and his multi-faceted relationship with up-and-coming musical sensation, Ruth Street, and her associate (who is also Ray's personal friend), Rastus. Psychoderelict includes Townshend's hardest-rocking songs since his 1980 solo album, Empty Glass, such as "English Boy" and "Let's Get Pretentious."

1. English Boy
2. Meher Baba M3
3. Let's Get Pretentious
4. Meher Baba M4 (Signal Box)
5. Early Morning Dreams
6. I Want That Thing
7. Dialogue Introduction To "Outlive The Dinosaur"
8. Outlive The Dinosaur
9. Flame (Demo)
10. Now And Then
11. I Am Afraid
12. Don't Try To Make Me Real
13. Dialogue Introduction To "Predictable"
14. Predictable
15. Flame
16. Meher Baba M5 (Vivaldi)
17. Fake It
18. Dialogue Introduction To "Now And Then (Reprise)"
19. Now And Then (Reprise)
20. Baba O'Riley (Demo)
21. English Boy (Reprise)

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