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Note: Mint Condition

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Clark Williams, who passed away in 2013, was a longtime friend who worked for Acoustic Sounds for nine years over two stints. While he's known to our customer base mostly for his gifted ear and talent in recommending the perfect fits for whatever the budget, Clark was just as renowned in the industry for his passion and knowledge for vintage hi-fi gear. He was something of a historian, and he was a very serious collector. Clark was extremely particular about what pieces he purchased. He had a lot of gear - a lot - but all of it was of special importance.

Take this McIntosh Mac-Kit 30, for example. There may have been as few as 20 units ever manufactured! And Clark kept his in cherry mint condition with no scratches, rust, dents or silk-screening rubbed off. So impressive was Clark's collection of the Mac-Kit 30 and his mint pair of McIntosh MC30s that McIntosh themselves featured Clark's collection in their own book!

The Mcintosh Model KIT-30 is a 30 watt high fidelity power amplifier designed for home entertainment systems and professional applications. The Model MC-30 is similar to  the earlier Mcintosh Model A-116 30 watt amplifiers and includes all of the rigid electrical specifications and features found in these earlier units plus: less than 1/3% harmonic distortion at   any power output up to 30 watts and at any frequency in the audio spectrum, 20  to 20,000 cps; less than 112% intermodulation distortion if instantaneous peak power is below 60  watts for any combination of  frequencies 20 to 20,000 cps; and noise and hum level 90 db or more below rated output. The famous Mcintosh high efficiency output circuit is used to  obtain the high standard of performance found in this amplifier. The MC-30 may be operated from any signal source delivering 0.5 or more volts, or directly from a Mcintosh Audio Compensator or Preamplifier, such as the Models C-8, C-4, C-I04 ,or C-108. Output impedances of 4, 8 and 16 ohms are provided for direct connection to loudspeakers. An additional 600 ohm output is  present for use with lines, etc.

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