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"This high-performance desktop amp makes headphones sing." Read the full review, here.

Little Labs saw the need for an audiophile headphone amp designed for the working
audio engineer - devoid of gimmicks - providing accurate, low fatigue, great sounding
source analysis. Introducing the Little Labs Monotor™.

A truly wonderful sounding amplifier that will reward the best headphones with musically satisfying accurate reproduction.

From the word of designer Jonathan Little, "The Little Labs MONOTOR is designed with what I call a zen circuit topology. Only a single state of the art active stage is used in the circuit path of each headphone ear, with all else, straight wire passive, (this includes all the mono functions as well). All passive components in the audio path were selected for sonic neutrality, this includes dale/vishay resistors, nichicon muse series caps and specialized polystyrene film decoupling caps. The MONOTOR uses a full voltage state of the art super low noise internal linear regulation system (4 uVrms) with massive capacitance for power on demand on each rail. Just one internal filter capacitor used (there are 6) is bigger than a whole USB dongle digital to analog converter/headphone amp. This allows for a noticeably improved dynamic range over other headphone amps. You will also be able to drive even high impedance phones to full volume without any strain whatsoever, and no detectable hiss even at the highest volumes. The MONOTOR when I say it is state of the art, it truly is, and could not have been built just a year ago. I’m proud to say, this is not a rehashed old analog circuit, with this labor of love, we’ve taken analog to another level."

Without name dropping, we at Acoustic Sounds, Inc. are grateful to the industry leading sound engineers who have brought this product to our attention. Highly recommended!

Features include:
• Dual 1/4” AND 3.5mm separately amplified headphone jacks, for no,
“where’s that adapter” hook up and partner monitoring.
• Extensive mono monitoring capability: left plus right, left, right, and even left minus
right, for phase check and digital compressed audio file artifact analysis.
• Minimal audiophile (almost completely passive) zen circuit path using a single, truly state
of the art active stage per headphone output (0.5Ω independently verified output impedance,
beware of false .04 ohm output impedance claims).
• Internal state of the art super low noise linear voltage regulation, providing audiophile
full current/voltage (unlike USB wimp powered headphone amps).
• Stereo mini aux input for talkback communication or easy portable player hookup.
• High gain, low noise, for very high spl monitoring, even with high impedance headphones.
• XLR/TRS combo jack inputs in parallel with TRS jacks for easy in-line monitoring hook up.
• Quality stepped volume attenuator with internal bypass for remote volume control capability.
• Rack-mountable: Up to 4 Little Labs devices fit in a 1u space.
• Made in the USA.

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