Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Stranger Things: Volume 1

 (Original Netflix Soundtrack)


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140 / 150 Gram Vinyl Record

150 Gram LP

Stranger Things Volume 1 (Original Netflix Soundtrack)

Netflix's original series "Stranger Things" was scored by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein (of the Austin band SURVIVE). The first season's soundtrack was released digitally in two volumes in August 2016, with the first volume's CD release arriving October 14. Now, a vinyl release has been announced for the soundtrack's first volume.

The double LP comes in a gatefold sleeve that includes a printed insert featuring album credits and additional art.

From the moment the glowing title card of Netflix's "Stranger Things" drifts across the screen, the undulating synth arpeggios of the opening theme make it clear that the show's music will play a key role in scene-setting. Created by twins Matt and Ross Duffer, who landed a spec script for their first feature film just months after graduating from Chapman University in 2011, "Stranger Things" has been most commonly referenced as an homage to '80s classics such as "E.T." and "Poltergeist." Similarly, the soundtrack has drawn comparisons to film composers from that era, including John Carpenter and George Romero co-conspirator John Harrison.

Side 1
1. Stranger Things
2. Kids
3. Nancy and Barb
4. This Isn't You
5. Lay-Z-Boy
6. Friendship
7. Eleven
8. A Kiss
9. Castle Byers

Side 2
1. Hawkins
2. The Upside Down
3. After Sarah
4. One Blink for Yes
5. Photos In the Woods

Side 3
1. Fresh Blood
2. Lamps
3. Hallucinations
4. Hanging Lights
5. Biking to School
6. Are You Sure?
7. Agents
8. Papa
9. Cops Are Good at Finding
10. No Weapons

Side 4
11. Walking Through the Upside Down
12. She'll Kill You
13. Run Away
14. No Autopsy
15. Dispatch
16. Joyce and Lonnie Fighting
17. Lights Out
18. Hazmat Suits
19. Theoretically
20. You Can Talk to Me
21. What Else Is There to Do?
22. Hawkins Lab

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