King Crimson - On (And Off) The Road

 (11 CD + 3 DVD-Audio + 3 Blu-Ray Audio + 2 DVD + Booklet + 2 Posters + Concert Program + Photos and other Memorabilia)


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No. of Discs: 19

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Robert Fripp and company return with the brand new King Crimson boxed set, On (and off) The Road. The 19 disc set features a wealth of previously unheard audio and / or upgraded audio from the band's first to final performances, stereo and 5.1 editions of Discipline, Beat and The Three Of A Perfect Pair, plus video recordings of some of the best live shows the line-up played and substantial new concert footage, all presented to the high standards that have been a staple of King Crimson boxed sets of recent years.

Set Includes:

Disc 1: Discipline

Mixed and produced from the original multi-track tapes by Steven Wilson and Robert Fripp (2011). Mastered by Simon Heyworth and Robert Fripp (4)

Disc 2: Live in Japan

Taken from an audience cassette recording at Kokusai Hall, Tokyo on December 18th, the final concert in 1981. Audio restored & newly mastered at DGM by David Singleton and Alex R Mundy 2016. (1)

Disc 3: Beat

Mixed and produced from the original multi-track tapes by Steven Wilson and Robert Fripp (2016). Mastered by Simon Heyworth and Robert Fripp (4)

Disc 4: Live at Alabamahalle

Recorded September 29 in Munich, the final concert in 1982. Remastered and recompiled 2016 by David Singleton and Alex R Mundy with six tracks from new audio sources. (2)

Disc 5: Fragmented

Mostly recorded January 17-30, 1983 at C.V. Lloyd Music, Champaign, IL Recording Engineer: Gary Platt, Produced by Robert Fripp and David Singleton. Two new bonus tracks 2016. (3)

Disc 6: Three of a Perfect Pair

Mixed and produced from the original multi-track tapes by Steven Wilson and Robert Fripp (2016). Mastered by Simon Heyworth and Robert Fripp (4)

Discs 7  & 8: Absent Lovers

Live at The Spectrum, Montreal, July 11th, the final concert of 1984. Mixed by David Singleton & Robert Fripp from the original multi-track tapes for the DGM release “Absent Lovers” (1998). As newly recompiled in high-resolution for inclusion on Disc 15

Disc 9: Are You Recording Gary?

An insight into the inner working of the band, and the familiar heard in an unfamiliar way. Edited & assembled by David Singleton from original album session tapes, with additional downmixes by Alex R. Mundy

Disc 10: DVD-A Discipline

Audio content: 5.1 surround mix; original mix; 2011 mix & additional tracks in 24/96 and Album rough mixes in 24/48

Video content: Old Grey Whistle Test (4)


Disc 11: DVD-A Beat

Audio content: 5.1 surround mix; original mix; 2016 mix & Alternate Album in 24/48

Video content: Heartbeat promo; two tracks live in Munich (4)

Disc 12: DVD-A Three of a Perfect Pair

Audio content: 5.1 surround mix; original mix; 2016 mix in 24/48

Video content: Sleepless promo (4)

Disc 13: BLU-RAY DISC Discipline

Contents as Disc 10 (audio 24/96) plus:

Video content:

Moles Club French TV interview
Live in Frejus 2016 audio & video transfers

Disc 14: BLU-RAY DISC  Beat

Contents as Disc 11 (audio 24/96) plus:

Video content:

Complete Alabamahalle TV broadcast (widescreen format).

Disc 15: BLU-RAY DISC Three of a Perfect Pair

Contents as Disc 12 (audio 24/96) plus:

Video content: Three of a Perfect Pair – Live in Japan (Widescreen format).

Japan April 29th 1984 Part Show;

Japan April 29th 1984 (single camera);

Japan April 30th 1984 (single camera).

Audio content: Absent Lovers

High resolution and surround sound


Bonus Disc 16: Live at Moles Club

Taken from an audience cassette recording of April 30, 1981, the very first performance by Belew, Fripp, Bruford & Levin, while still called “Discipline”. Remastered and recompiled 2016. (2)

Bonus Disc 17: Europe 1982

A newly discovered unreleased live album. Mixed by Brad Davis & Robert Fripp in 1983. Taken from the concert in The Arena, Frejus, August 27th 1982. Plus four bonus tracks from the remainder of the concert

Bonus Disc 18: DVD More Neal and Jack and Me 

Video content: The Noise – Live in Frejus as previously released on the DGM DVD Neal and Jack and Me (2002). Plus Three of a Perfect Pair – Live in Japan – re-assembled from newly discovered master reels with previously unseen footage. Both in their original 4:3 standard definition format.

Bonus Disc 19: DVD The Town and the City

Audio content: Live in Philadelphia, Asbury Park, Cap D’Agde, Frejus 24/48 high-resolution stereo, Europe1982, previously unreleased live album 24/96 high-resolution stereo

Video content:

Alabamahalle TV broadcast in its original

4:3 standard definition format

Also includes:

40-page album-sized booklet with

previously unpublished photos by Tony Levin, and sleevenotes incorporating Robert Fripp’s diaries, new interview material with all band members written by Sid Smith and David Singleton

2 concert posters, concert programme, setlist, concert tickets, press releases, promo photo and other memorabilia

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