Tom Waits - Mule Variations

Tom Waits - Mule Variations





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Vinyl Record

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First Studio release in 6 years and possibly the most anticipated record in Tom Wait's 26 year career according to MTV online. Mule Variations has incredible ballads that will appeal to Tom's earliest fans and also include more edgy experimental sounds that appeal to fans from the Island years.

"'s Waits' vast spectrum of expression, old and new, past and future, romantic and shocking, gruff and poignant, that makes 'Mule Variations' utterly indispensible." - Raygun. This LP recorded, mixed and Mastered in Analog.

1. Big In Japan
2. Lowside Of The Road
3. Hold On
4. Get Behind The Mule
5. House Where Nobody Lives
6. Cold Water
7. Pony
8. What's He Building
9. Black Market Baby
10. Eyeball Kid
11. Picture In A Frame
12. Chocolate Jesus
13. Georgia Lee
14. Filipino Box Spring Hog
15. Take It With Me
16. Come On Up To The House

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Must have for nearly everyone

posted on 12/01/2015
5 Stars
I'll admit that I am a die-hard Waits fan--even popped for the "Orphan's" box set. I will also admit I have felt that this album was the quintessential Waits issue (followed closely by "Raindogs") because it balances his progressive work with more traditional ballads, etc. However, I was not ready for the nearly perfect recording and pressing of this LP, nor was I prepared for the overwhelming difference between the vinyl (it is an analog recording) and the previously released CD. This is the perfect introduction to Waits' uniqueness, or an absolute necessity to complete your collection.

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