Edgar Varese - Complete Works

 (Limited Edition)


Modern Silence



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AMDS 004
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180 Gram Vinyl Record

180 Gram LP

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Numbered 180-gram vinyl, limited to 500 copies

Edgard Varese belongs to the generation of Bela Bartok, Igor Stravinsky and Anton Webern. Each of these composers produced a music of extreme individuality, like nothing of his contemporaries, and a radical break with the previous century.

It is the irony of Varese's career that no composer has been more highly esteemed by his fellow composers as a music thinker, craftsman and teacher, and yet his public performances have been few. The reason is not that his works present any great difficulty to the ear, but rather that they demand so sharp a break with concert hall traditions of instrumental sound and method of performance.

The New York Wind Ensemble and Julliard Percussion Orchestra, Frederic Waldman, conductor.

Side 1

Si de 2
Density 21.5
Interpolations Part I – II - III

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