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Gabriel’s fourth album, which was titled Security in the U.S., continues where the third album left off, sharing some of the same dense production and sense of cohesion, yet lightening the atmosphere and expanding the sonic palette somewhat. The gloom that permeates the third album has been alleviated. and while this is still decidedly somber and serious music, it has a brighter feel, partially derived from Gabriel’s dabbling in African and Latin rhythms. These are generally used as tonal coloring, enhancing the synthesizers that form the basic musical bed of the record. 4 flows easily and enticingly with songs like the eerie “San Jacinto,” “I Have the Touch” and “Shock the Monkey.” It remains a powerful listen, one of the better records in Gabriel’s catalog.

1. The Rhythm Of The Heat
2. San Jacinto
3. I Have The Touch
4. Family And The Fishing Net
5. Shock The Monkey
6. Lay Your Hands On Me
7. Wallflower
8. Kiss Of Life

Customer Reviews (4.33 Stars) 3 person(s) rated this product.

Lots of surface noise

posted on 10/30/2013
3 Stars
Perhaps I got a defective copy but my recent purchase has the same amount of surface noise as the UK copy I have that I was looking to replace. Otherwise in the louder passages, it blows me away...unfortunately this record has many parts that get quite and the noise takes away from the recording. Will ask for RMA and see what happens.

4 deserves 5 star rating!

posted on 09/10/2004
5 Stars
Reviewer: Andries Oberholzer
I was one of the dumb ones who thought digital was going to be better, and so in 1988 got rid of my extensive LP collection, including PG 2, 3 and 4,as well as my analogue equipment. Now, some 15 years on, I am paying losts of bucks to repurchase hardware and classic items I once got rid of easily.

I just took delivery of 4, and am again amazed by lyrics that I don't always understand, but enjoy for the quality of the music. Now for the first time, I can also enjoy an excellent technical presentation.

Some pointers to this album: Using the heavy, 200gram vinyl, it is super flat, has virtually no surface noise and on quiet parts it is just that - quiet. The pressing simply oozes "high quality". The sleeve is a dream. Gone is the floppy low cost design, replaced by a heavy, sturdy jacket with proper technical details and lyrics. The only means of identifying the title is the "4" cut out on the inside of the lavish fold-open presentation.

Certainly worth every cent!

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