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Clannad make an international welcome return to mark their 40th anniversary with this live recording from Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin. Their music entwines the traditional and the modern, the past and the future, with stunningly beautiful results. With their haunting songs, mesmerizing vocals and captivating sound the group has enchanted audiences worldwide.

Side 1
Thios chois na tra dohm
Dtigeas a damhsa
Crann ull
Na buachailli a'lainn
Coinleach Ghlas An Fhomhair

Side 2
Eirigh is cuir ort do chuid eadaigh
Mhorag's na horo gheallaidh
Eleanor Plunkett
Two Sisters
Buachaill on eirne
Mhaire bruineall

Side 3
Robin of Sherwood
Caislean oir
In a Lifetime

Side 4
The Last of the Mohicans: I Will Find You
Harry's Game: Theme
Teidhir abhaile riu

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