Chuck D aka Mistachuck - The Black In Man




Hip Hop / Rap

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ASPT 2000
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More collected independent songs from the mind, pen, and voice of Public Enemy's Chuck D

The Black In Man is a part two of a songwriting recording journey. A solo project of RAP expression. The Black In Man is a title made from being a fan of Johnny Cash who was of course the Man In Black. Since the term "Black" has somehow been reduced to a swear while the N-Word has been CORP endorsed into a one word RAP anthem, the Black in Man is a stand up term.

A challenge with eight songs that cover some good ground to clear the air. This album is built around the song "Give WE The PridE" by the great Mavis Staples, a staggering message by the this woman who has helped build the genre of soul movement songs.

Executive producers, Chuck D & Gary G-Wiz, and produced by Divided Souls


Black Side
1. 140 TPH Intro
2. Spread The Words – featuring Jasiri X and Jahi of PE2.0
3. Give We The Pride – featuring Mavis Staples
4. Get It Right Or Be Gone

Pride Side
6. Pic I Hate Every Inch Of You
7. Leave With Your Own Mind
8. Grudge – featuring Kyle ICE Jason
9. Say It loud – featuring Kyle ICE Jason
10. 140 TPH Ourtro

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