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Bill Evans - Sunday At The Village Vanguard

Bill Evans - Sunday At The Village Vanguard

Analogue Productions


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Few albums in the history of contemporary American music can be more deserving than this one of the designation Original Jazz Classic. It is the first of two Riverside albums derived from the legendary final appearance of the first Bill Evans trio - taped during the last day of a Village Vanguard engagement, barely ten days before the tragic death of bassist Scott LaFaro. The recordings have long been recognized as capturing the essence of the unique three-way interaction that characterized the trio. This album is further distinguished by its emphasis on the solo work and compositions of the innovative LaFaro.

Originally released in 1961.

Bill Evans, piano
Scott LaFaro, bass
Paul Motian, drums

1.   Gloria's Step
2.   My Man's Gone Now
3.   Solar
4.   Alice in Wonderland
5.   All Of You
6.   Jade Visions
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