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Hybrid Multichannel SACD

Hybrid Multichannel SACD


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"Kiss me, make me drunk with your kisses! Your sweet loving is better than wine. You are fragrant. You are myrrh and aloes, all the young women want you. Take me by the hand, let us run together! My lover, my king, has brought me into his chambers. We will laugh, you and I, and count each kiss, better than wine." (sample text from the Song of Songs)

1. Surge, propera amica mea
2. Descendi in hortum meum
3. Ego dilecto meo
4. Yo m'asento en mi ventana
5. Rex Solomon
6. Hebrew Cantillation (Uri Tsafon)
7. Awake, North Wind
8. Hebrew Cantillation (Shir Hashirim)
9. Shir Hashirim
10. Hebrew Cantillation (Hinach Yafah)
11. O Ecclesia
12. Hebrew Cantillation (Yonati B'chagvey)
13. Dodi Li
14. Osculetur me
15. Hebrew Cantillation (Hishbati Etchem)
16. Dilectus Meus
17. Hebrew Cantillation (Kol Dodi)
18. Una Matica De Ruda
19. Set Me As A Seal Upon Thy Heart

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