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Jackson Browne presents his 14th studio album Standing In The Breach. This collection of 10 songs, at turns deeply personal and political, explores love, hope, and defiance in the face of the advancing uncertainties of modern life.

Browne is the singer-songwriter whose introspective, literate lyrics and laid-back folk-rock set the template for much of Californian music during the '70s. With his first four albums, he built a loyal following that helped him break into the mainstream with 1976's The Pretender. During the late '70s and early '80s he was at the height of his popularity, as each of his albums charted in the Top 10. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by his friend Bruce Springsteen. Browne is known for popular songs such as "Somebody's Baby" and "The Pretender," Jackson has a strong political and personal influence reflected in his music.

For the lead single, "The Birds of St. Marks," Browne finishes a song he wrote in the late '60s when he was playing guitar with Nico. The tune was inspired partly by the singer's admiration for Byrds guitarist Jim (later to be better known as Roger) McGuinn: "This is a song I always heard as a Byrds song, and that was even part of the writing of the song because Nico loved the Byrds. She even said on a couple of occasions, 'Oh, you can play something like Jim McGuinn?,'" Browne tells Rolling Stone. The finished version of the song features Greg Leisz playing a McGuinn-esque 12-string guitar. "The interplay between Val McCallum and Greg Leisz on this album - the effortlessness of their chemistry is a gift really, that just dropped into my lap," says Jackson.




1. The Birds Of St. Marks
2. Yeah Yeah
3. The Long Way Around
4. Leaving Winslow
5. If I Could Be Anywhere
6. You Know The Night
7. Walls And Doors
8. Which Side
9. Standing In The Breach
10. Here

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