Hermansson & Larsson - Horn And Organ Recital


Opus 3



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COPU 19501
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Horn and Organ Recital - Jan-Eric Persson has produced another beautiful realistic recording. In his notes for the disc Mr. Hermansson writes: "We made the recording during a few nights in February, 1995, when things had quieted down. The church overlooks Sveavagen, one of the busiest streets in Stockholm. For this new disc I selected a number of works to illustrate what these two instruments can achieve together. The repertoire chosen spans more than a century. Saint-Saens composed his "Andante" in 1854, but it was not rediscovered until around 1980. August Korling lived and worked in Ystad as composer, music teacher and conductor. He is known mainly for his songs and male voice quartets. The "Pastoral" was composed in 1898-99. The Dutch composer Henk Badings composed his "Ganzone" in 1967. Hugo Alfven composed his "Elegie" in 1897. Bernard Reichel was a Swiss composer and organist and a teacher at the Jacques Dalcroze Institute in Geneva. Georg Hoeberg was a Danish composer and conductor who rose to prominence in his own country as a leading interpreter of the German Romantic repertoire, especially Wagner and Strauss. Oskar Lindberg was a Swedish composer and organist. One of his best loved works, "Gammal fabodpsalm," was composed in 1936."

1. Camille Saint-Saens Andante pour co en fa et orgue
2. August Korling Pastorale
3. Hugo Alfven Nattuno Elegiace, op.5
4. Henk Badings, Canzone per como e organo
5. Sonata da Chiesa pour cor en I Maestoso
6. II Moderato
7. III Allegro
8. IV Moderatp
9. Georg Hoeberg, Andante
10. Oskar Lindber, Gammal Fabodpsalm
12. Missa Muta: I, Miserere
13. II Gratias agimus
14. III Suscipe
15. IV In mei memoriam
16. V Ite