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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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180 Gram LP  


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51st Annual Grammy Awards
Record of the Year
Please Read The Letter ~ Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

51st Annual Grammy Awards
Album of the Year
Raising Sand ~ Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

51st Annual Grammy Awards
Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals
Rich Woman ~ Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

51st Annual Grammy Awards
Best Country Collaboration With Vocals

Killing The Blues ~ Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

51st Annual Grammy Awards
Best Contemporary Folk/Americana Album

Raising Sand ~ Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

50th Annual Grammy Awards
Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals
Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

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Includes "Gone Gone Gone," and "Please Read The Letter"

180-gram double LP, very limited quantity

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, two of the most distinctive vocalists in modern music, collaborated on this steller Grammy-winning album produced by T Bone Burnett and recorded in Nashville and Los Angeles with a stellar cast of supporting musicians, including guitarists Marc Ribot and Norman Black, multi-instrumentalist Mike Seeger, drummer Jay Bellerose and bassist Dennis Crouch. Plant is quick to define Raising Sand as more a band than a duet record, as it puts the two great singers in a variety of vocal and instrumental combinations — from songs featuring two-part brother-style harmony throughout to solo features for each. Though they come from entirely different traditions, Alison Krauss and Robert Plant create an amazing, unexpected and entirely new sound when they sing together.




1. Rich Woman
2. Killing the Blues
3. Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us
4. Polly Come Home
5. Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)
6. Through the Morning
7. Through the Night
8. Please Read the Letter
9. Trampled Rose
10. Fortune Teller
11. Stick with Me Baby
12. Nothin’
13. Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson
14. Your Long Journey

Customer Reviews (4.21 Stars) 19 person(s) rated this product.

Somethings missing?

posted on 10/05/2016
3 Stars
There is absolutely no reason I should not like this album but something's missing. I've tried to listen to it at least 3 times but I get bored quickly. There are a couple of songs that stand out but not a double album's worth. The sound quality of the album pressing is OK but there's something in the production/mix of the vocals & instruments that is off balance which makes this album a little disappointing. 3 stars for the pressing & 3 stars for the music.

Stunning Acoustic Perfection

posted on 03/29/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: Scott from NC
The mix and acoustic purity of this record is absolutely incredible and the very reason we listen to records. It's a front row seat feeling you get from listening to this one. It's a record you can turn WAY up and bask in the warmth and the air this record pushes. The choice of instruments, songs, the mix, just all around perfection!! Listening on a pro-Ject debut carbon turntable, solid state pre, Yamaha rx-v671 receiver and infinity IL-40 towers. Get it.

Useless if you like balanced records.

posted on 02/08/2014
1 Stars
Reviewer: Gabriel
The mas who mixed this thought that bass and drums were more important than Krauss and Plant. He just placed them behind the scene and forgot them there for the rest of the session. VERY bad if you want to hear music. Great if you like to test how far your speakers can reproduce a splatted Bass sound. I'm sorry because it might have been very nice if done properly. (BTW where has Ribot gone?)

5 stars for quality alone!

posted on 03/11/2013
5 Stars
This is an outstanding pressing. If you liked the Rising Sand recording, you owe it to yourself to here it on Vinyl.

Superb in Every Way

posted on 03/31/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Dana
One of the best LP's in a long time. Musically and Sonically tops. What a great collaboration of these two artists! The results are splendid! Great songs, great singing, great sound!

magic couple!!

posted on 08/05/2011
5 Stars
Reviewer: Paolo
fantastic sound and beautiful music

Too long ago?

posted on 11/19/2010
2 Stars
I don't know exactly what I was expecting from R Plant's duo effort but this definitely isn't it. Those who remember his voice from LZ would do well to steer clear.


posted on 06/14/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: Michael
I can't say as I totally understand why some don't like this recording. I absolutely love it, and find myself going back to it again and again! T-Bone truly comes through with an amazing production, very ethereal in places, sometimes unusual in the mix, but very enjoyable. The blending of the voices and the instruments is so lovely. The performances are spot-on, and songs range from catchy pop to bluegrass-y smooth, to lonesome sad melodies. A+!

straight forward

posted on 12/03/2009
4 Stars
Reviewer: Stan
Clean, no bells and whistles.

Rock and Americana collide!

posted on 04/27/2009
5 Stars
Plant & Krauss deliver the goods with outstanding production by T-Bone Burnett on the LP. Recording quality is excellent throughout, capturing the essence of each instrument, especially the drum kit and guitars. Plant is truly exposing his soul on many of the tunes, and Alison accompanies with beautiful harmonies that lift him to new heights. When Alison takes the lead, the music transcends even some of her best work with Union Station. Album of the bet! See them live if you can, the chemistry is there in spades!

Sound Detail

posted on 04/27/2009
5 Stars
Reviewer: Ron D'Agostino
One of the cleanest and most detailed recordings on vinyl to date. The unlikely pairing of these two voices and the excelent musicianship surrounding them make for a must have recording. One LP you should not be without.


posted on 03/19/2009
2 Stars

I really have tried to like this album. Its not my system, Iv listened to it on a few high end systems. Its just the mix is so bad, it just doesn’t work & I’m a big fan of both Robert Plant & Alison Krauss Three or four of the songs are ok A Grammy ?

Grammy??? Not in my view.

posted on 03/08/2009
3 Stars
Lot's of people love this, BUT from the very start I was amazed that the LP mix has the voices recessed and the percussion front and center and dominant. (It's not my equipment). It's like the mixer just discovered percussion sounds and couldn't keep is sweaty fingers off the sliders. Also, with Ribot available for guitar solos, I'd think there'd be something other than cliches and grinding amp sounds out of guitar. Somebody was on autopilot on guitar, mailing in most of the solos.

Recording quality is high, but the mix is is unbalanced and there's some sloppy drums here and there. I liked three or four songs a good bit and the lyrics were consistantly strong. IMHO, this was not a match made in heaven.

Beautiful Sounding

posted on 03/07/2009
5 Stars
Reviewer: Dragonshelm
The LP sounds so much better than the cd and a world of difference in sound quality.

If you can find it BUY IT NOW !!!

posted on 02/09/2009
5 Stars
Reviewer: Aaron
This record is awesome, I have played it over and over, and it still sounds really awesome, I always thought that this album was a work of art, but I really did after I bought it, the black and white grainy pictures really set the mood nicely, the records have nice plastic dust covers that are much nicer than those cheap paper ones that you usually get, and the record has a cover that is meant to keep on it, not like the cheap plastic thats usually on the records, this is really a great record, the sound is HUGE, it fills up a room just like they are there, like I said " BUY IT NOW "

I'm glad that Robert Plant and Alison Krauss are recording another album together, lets hope that it will be available on Vinyl too


Unique and engaging

posted on 01/26/2008
5 Stars
I would say that this unique pairing produced an incredibly unique and engaging collection of songs. Fans of each artist will be surprised and in my case delighted.

Vocal brillance

posted on 01/05/2008
5 Stars
What a great record. The blending of 2 great voices with instrumentation that supports the vocal performance. T- bone's production approach accents the vocals. This is best show in "Polly come home" Minimal guitar arrangement allows Roberts Lead Vocal to shine and Allison supports it beautifully. Brilliant Arrangement and a stellar performance.

Best Record of 2007

Absolutely fantastic

posted on 12/08/2007
5 Stars
Reviewer: Mikey
If Percy has made a better record in his extensive career then I've yet to hear it. The two voices mesh beautifully. The song selection is spot-on (esp. the Gene Clark songs - what a delight to hear them covered so wonderfully). Miss this at your peril

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