The Alan Parsons Project - The Turn of a Friendly Card


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CHDD 2006

HDAD 24/96 24/192

HDAD 24/96 24/132

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180 Gram Vinyl Record
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The Classic Hybrid DVD Audio Disc (HDAD) is a two-sided DVD disc with 24/192 PCM data playable on DVD Audio players on one side, and 24/96 PCM data playable on DVD Video players on the other side. The Classic HDAD is a truly universal DVD disc playable on all DVD players. So if you have a DVD video player, you can play the DVD Video side of the HDAD - insert the disc with the Blue center ring facing up and enjoy 24/96 playback resolution. On a DVD Audio player, simply flip the disc over with the Red ring facing up and enjoy 24/192 playback resolution.

With two of Alan Parsons Project’s best songs, the lovely ballad "Time" and the wavy-sounding "Games People Play," The Turn of a Friendly Card remains one of this group’s most enjoyable albums. Parsons’ idea, the subject of the album’s six tracks, centers around the age-old temptation of gambling and its stranglehold on the human psyche. On "Games People Play," vocalist Lenny Zakatek sounds compelling and focused, giving the song a seriousness that aids in realization of the album’s concept. This 24/194 HDAD was made from a transfer of the original flat analog master tape obtained directly from Alan Parsons and offers a level of detail and clarity never before heard from the great recording and musical composition.

1. May Be a Price to Pay
2. Games People Play
3. Time
4. I Don't Wanna Go Home
5. The Gold Bug
6. The Turn of a Friendly Card
i. The Turn of a Friendly Card (part one)
ii. Snake Eyes
iii. The Ace of Swords
iv. Nothing Left to Lose
v. The Turn of a Friendly Card (part two)

Customer Reviews (4.64 Stars) 11 person(s) rated this product.

Best sounding "Turn" I've ever heard

posted on 08/25/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Richard Falice
I have had this album in 5 different releases, the original Arista Album, A Japanese import pressing, The original CD release, the expanded remaster and now the HDAD release and this version reveals the most detail that I've heard on an Alan Parson Project release. Anyone who values high end sound should purchase a copy of this album before it's gone. I would hope that someone will release more of the A.P.P. catalog on SACD, DVD-Audio or HDAD soon.

very nice sounding dvd audio

posted on 04/05/2008
5 Stars
Alan Parsons was always ahead when it came to technology and this album is highly modern. Sounds great the best I have ever heard this album sound.

Unbelievably Good Sound

posted on 02/19/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Richard L.
I just got this one today after waiting out the backorder. Was it worth the wait? Yowza, was it ever. My CD never sounded like this. Background instruments that sounded like an afterthought, if they were there at all on the CD, are clear and dynamic without blaring. Bass is so much tighter and better in tone you just won't believe it unless you hear it. Usually the high-rez formats have much better tone, timbre and identity to the instruments. This is especially noticeable on strings and voices, but all instruments seem to benefit. This one does not disappoint there, either. Now I can give my LP a rest when I want great sound on this one!! The HDAD is very LP-like, and in some respects better as some quieter tones and backgrounds do not hide in hiss or surface noise. MY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

Great sounding disc and very versatile as well.

posted on 05/20/2006
5 Stars
Sounds very much like the original vinyl.


posted on 11/06/2005
5 Stars
Reviewer: Jeff
Just buy this gem and be amazed by the sonics. The dude recorded "Dark Side of the Moon" and has always supported the "cutting edge of technology," when it comes to recording. You'll hear that craftsmanship here. Enjoy!!


posted on 10/06/2005
5 Stars
Reviewer: Vladas
One of the best ALAN PARSONS PROJECT albums in perfect sound quality. Just relax and listen DVD AUDIO side - almost vinyl quality!!! My lovely APP disc :))

My Favorite Alan Parsons Project Recording

posted on 09/17/2005
5 Stars
Reviewer: Doug
I have all of Alan Parsons' recordings, and this is my personal favorite. That is why I bought this high definition version. I was not disappointed. I had never heard this recording so perfectly presented. Highly recommended to all Alan Parson fans. Buy it, and hear it for the first time, the way it was meant to be heard.

As with many artists debut albums, this is Alan Parson's masterpiece.

posted on 03/03/2005
5 Stars
Reviewer: James R. Geib
Having grown up listening to the LP and CD versions of this album, I am intimately familiar with both the content and sound. The HDAD version, which is the subject of this review, is much improved over the CD release. Anyone who is a fan of this album and owns a DVD-Audio capable DVD player should purchase this HDAD. On a budget audio system the improvements may not be as noticeable, but on a higher end system the improved dynamics are obvious.

Highly recommended!

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