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Headphone Amplifier

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Bathe your ears in amazing, low-distortion, caressing sound. This head amp is simply incredible. Trust us on this one.

Unprecedented, high-end performance at a modest price. Very high damping factor and wide stability margins ensure maximum fidelity from a huge range of headphones. Line-in and line-out connections allow use in the tape monitor loop while retaining full tape monitor functionality. The external mains transformer means no magnetic interference with delicate small signal parts, leading to bigger dynamic range and great low-level detail. The high current output capacity gives full dynamic range with a wide range of headphones.

State-of-the-art circuit using conventional 6922 twin triode tubes.

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posted on 06/29/2007
5 Stars
My Grado headphone amp stopped working, so I auditioned and purchased the X-Can, and it was a very noticable two steps up, especially in the bass, but really across the board. I can listen for hours at a time without any ear fatigue because the sound is so clean. It is great on its own, and even better with the X-Can power supply. The sound seems to come from a dark void background. Jazz vocals on well-engineered SACD's are better than live--like live with butter.

Clear and warm sound

posted on 11/23/2006
5 Stars
Reviewer: Vladas
After few days and experiments with interconnects X-Can explore clear and warm sound with good sounding bass. I use Senheiser 650 headphones and top Avid interconnects. Especially good for old analogue vinyl records listening!

Very good

posted on 02/22/2005
5 Stars
Veryu good headfhone amplifier, perfect sound definition

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