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45 RPM Vinyl Record

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45 RPM  

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45 RPM Vinyl Record
Numbered Limited Edition Ultradisc One-Step

Cut at 45 RPM for the first time ever!

From the original 1964 Chess analog masters! Pressed at Quality Record Pressings!

Mastered by Bernie Grundman

New gatefold jacket, with extra photos!

Follow along as writer/professor Wayne Goins explores the creation of Folk Singer, and leads a visual tour of the former Chess Records studios, here.

"The Quality Record Pressing is drop-dead quiet-as silent as the best Japanese pressings from the late 1970s-and the amount of inner detail released is simply astonishing...the sound is sweet, liquid and free of harshness and edge. The dynamics are mind-boggling. When Muddy takes it up ten notches to emphasize a point it's positively explosive in a way the 33 1/3 version only suggests." Music = 9/10, Sound = 10/10! — Michael Fremer,

"How about a 45 RPM set from Analogue Productions' recently launched Quality Record Pressings Facility, mastered by Bernie Grundman, in a beautiful gatefold jacket with extra sessions shots? It's been ages since I've heard LP surfaces this quiet — as in dead quiet. The expense and effort that Chad Kassem and company put into this venture are immediately obvious. ... Making music together bring this recording to life as never before. It's by far the best sounding and most engaging version yet... analog lovers will be in hog heaven." — Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound, May/June, Issue 223

"Worried that the folk-music fad was luring listeners away from the blues, Chess Records directed Waters to record with acoustic instruments. These sessions — by Waters, Willie Dixon and a young Buddy Guy — went astonishingly well, and this pioneering "unplugged" set is beloved by blues and folk fans alike." —

"...This time, though, it's been given the royal treatment, and not just heavy vinyl. It has been remastered from the original tapes, pressed on Chad Kassem's new hardware and it plays at 45rpm. It is a revelation...It's always been a chillingly 'real' experience. Now, it's overwhelming. Buy it!" Sound Quality: 90% - Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News, January 2012

Folk Singer has been an audiophile staple for years. It always gets a bunch of play at hi-fi shows. It's a no-doubter demonstration disc. But never before has it sounded like this! Never has it been cut at 45 RPM!

There are a handful of landmark albums in any genre. In the blues, one of them is Muddy Waters' Folk Singer. Originally released in 1964, Folk Singer was the only acoustic album Waters ever recorded, thus becoming the first and perhaps best blues concept album ever. Muddy of course started out playing acoustic blues in the Delta, and he's clearly very comfortable in this return to his roots, which was designed to appeal to the mid-1960s surge of interest in folk music.

Muddy's supporting cast includes a very young Buddy Guy on guitar, Willie Dixon at the upright bass and Clifton James on drums.

This recording has enormous presence with ample room for Muddy's booming voice to resonate.



1. My Home Is In The Delta
2. Long Distance
3. My Captain
4. Good Morning School Girl
5. You Gonna Need My Help
6. Cold Weather Blues
7. Big Leg Woman
8. Country Boy
9. Feel Like Going Home

Customer Reviews (4.94 Stars) 32 person(s) rated this product.

As Always

posted on 12/12/2022
5 Stars
Let me just say that AP and Bernie did a phenomenal job. the vinyl is so quiet i thought i forgot to drop the needle. Muddy's vocals are the standout here. The jacket was in mint condition which is no surprise, the packaging for shipping is top notch.


posted on 08/12/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Kirk
Wow this is a great album and recording. The vocals are outstanding filling the whole room. Was blown away. Great work AP.


posted on 03/17/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Marc
This will be my new audio reference for testing equipment, speaker placement, etc. Superb sound and crazy awesome dynamics.

Absolutely, but…

posted on 02/21/2022
4 Stars
Reviewer: The Good Doctor
I agree wholeheartedly about the packaging, sound and lack of any surface noise…but, please acknowledge the enormous waste of run out on each side. Easily enough space to increase the track number to, at the very least 11 if not the 14 on CD… that would amount to 12 minutes per side and provide a true 5 star rating.

Worthy of accolades

posted on 01/18/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Bantu
Although I have purchased previous 45 RPM vinyl from Acoustic Sounds I was totally taken aback by how utterly quite the vinyl was, especially between notes. The mastering is flawless. Thanks for feeding my vinyl addiction and turning it up a notch! No need to get the MOFI 1Step of this recording as It cannot possibly best this release. Congrats! You forced me to add some Prestige titles to my collection!

Peace and love!

Holy Quiet Vinyl Batman

posted on 06/08/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Michael Renwick
Wow. I am always hesitant to buy records that I know contain quiet music. This pressing quality should be the standard, dead quiet, and I mean no sound, its unreal. Side one and two gorgeous, side three and four the base line was the tape hiss. I am telling you, I have never heard a record this quiet. The music is fantastic too, I like to mix a little Blues in with my Jazz, and this was my first Blues album. What ever press this came off QRP should clone it, study it, I am pretty sure aliens pressed this record.

Epic Sound

posted on 04/19/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Mike Goppert
Simply one of the best sounding vinyl pressings I have ever heard. Magical soundstage and clarity that will give you goose bumps. Wow!

A Rare and Seminal Work by McKinley Morganfield

posted on 10/12/2020
5 Stars
Reviewer: S Madon
Legendary blues album, made even better (is that possible? YES!) by Analogue Productions. I have other versions of this album, and this 45 rpm version by Analogue Productions blows all of those out of the water! Dead silent, no pops, hiss, crackles, noise. Great sound stage. Top-notch music. Be ready to play this gem over and over, as much for the quality of the pressing as for the music. True audiophile LP.

Even on a budget vs dsd

posted on 03/23/2018
5 Stars
I don’t write reviews, probably the 1st one re: audiophillia....

I thought I had it dialed in. “Best under $3000 speakers” that I paid $1200 for, so $1200 LR loudspeakers), $2000 integrated amp, $350 restored/upgraded Cardas cable Dual vintage turntable with $100 Japanese stylus, fed into a $300 “monster killer”phono stage. Turned up to 81 dB on a Fri night. Muddy Waters Qrp 45rpm pressing.

F-ing MAGIC. Have never heard the nuances, musicality, and passion that exude from these remasters until tonight. And if I can tell a difference between DSD and these 45RPM Remasters, you can, too. Unreal quality difference, no matter your previous reference. Buy now! Seriously, that much difference!


posted on 02/09/2016
5 Stars
Reviewer: TheSturt
I'm not sure I have words to express how good this album sounds. Don't hesitate, buy it immediately!

Show off your HIFI with this one!!

posted on 10/11/2015
5 Stars
The hair of my arm stood up straight! This is crazy good..... Thanks AP!!


posted on 01/08/2015
5 Stars
I really couldn't imagine getting a better sounding recording of this session. Not to be too overly dramatic, but I actually got goosebumps listening to this...I really felt like they were all in the room with me. Recommended.

Must Own!

posted on 01/02/2015
5 Stars
It doesn't get any better. Not "much".,,,,"any." This is a perfect cut of a timeless piece. Incredible, what AP has done here. Buy it without hesitation, and invite Muddy into your listening room.

Must buy

posted on 01/23/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: SS
This is a must own pressing of this classic album for any blues fan. Actually, you just need to be a music lover to enjoy this album. I own the Classic Records 200g release and it can't hold a candle to this pressing. If you're going to spend fifty bucks on only one album then this would be a great choice.


posted on 12/12/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Love this
It sounds as if Muddy Waters were sitting there at your side. The dynamics are astounding. One of my sonically most impressive records.

old time sound

posted on 03/15/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Mr. Freak
Another great album for you. I loved the small room sound of this album and the old time stereo separation they achieved on this recording. An added plus is the great work of Buddy Guy and his guitar. But, as always Muddy steals the show on this recording. I highly recommend this wonderful bit of blues history, even if they choose the title 'folk singer,' don't kid yourself - this is back room blues of the first order.

Handle with care!

posted on 02/06/2013
5 Stars
a lot of quite passages. u better keep it clean.

top notch work all around

posted on 09/14/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Andy
I didn't know it was possible for vinyl to sound this good. Easily the best sounding pressing I own. Make sure you have your system at it's best. This pressing is so perfect it will expose all your system weaknesses. Your vibration and turntable isolation need to be in check. This pressing is dead, DEAD quiet vinyl. No surface noise at all. If your not a blues fan or a fan of muddy, This pressing will make you one.The packaging, mastering and pressing can't get any better. A real treasure. Well worth the price. I am really pleased with this purchase. Buy it, you won't regret it.

Simply wonderful!

posted on 09/03/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Stefano
Unbelievable sound for a true masterpiece! This is, in my opinion, a true American piece of art, the music art that we in Europe can only dream and wonder. And what about the sound quality? Impeccable, full of dynamics and emotion, one the best audiophile, if not the best, record I ever heard. Meraviglioso! Wonderful!


posted on 03/09/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Vince
This album is, without a doubt, the best sounding recording in my collection. The clarity, dynamics, presence and just plain realism all shine. Folks spend large sums of money to get the, "you are there" feeling when they close their eyes and listen. This album delivers that feeling! Put it on your deck, sit back, close your eyes and Muddy Waters is playing some amazing music just a few meters away. It is an experience that is easily worth the price of admission. The packaging is also first rate. Well done gatefold, high quality printing, etc. If you like Muddy Waters, or the Delta Blues, you will like this recording.

PS. I just heard the Cat Stevens, Tea for the Tillerman pressing last night. Folk Singer is not a fluke. QRP knows how to press a record. I will be exploring their catalog for more gems!


posted on 02/29/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: DCBRN
This recording is spare, quiet, minimalist as blues should be. The music is simple in that the artist(s) has/have plenty of room to either shine or fade. This is, of course, an example of the artists performing magnificently. The record is quiet -- any flaw in your system (any dirt on the record surface, harmonic tubes, ect...) will be exposed. In a way, this record is unforgiving in it's perfection. When non-vinyl listeners first encounter it, the universal expression is : "that's a RECORD?" It is sooo clean. The performance by the artists will have you leaning foreward in your seat as if the get if they are in the room with you. The urgency is palpable. The guitar strings vibrate with air, you can easily hear the degradation of the sound from the instruments, the vocals are present...still, it is quite smooth overall with intact soundstage. A lot of money, but this is significant musical history of the highest quality.

great job

posted on 05/22/2012
5 Stars
This is a Great Edition. plenty of detail.

Quality Records Muddy Waters folk singer

posted on 01/05/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Terry
I was told about this company and Chad by Russell Coco, and he knows and understands good sound quality! This is my first purchase but certainly not my last! I was floored at the quality in the shipping and of course the sound quality. At times I had to look around to see if Muddy's ghost was in the room playing and singing. I dont know all the "correct" things to say about the sound but, I can say this: THIS PRESSING BLOWS AWAY ALL OTHERS I OWN. Clean backgrounds and just fantasic dynamics.

Chad great work!


great recording new mastering job

posted on 11/13/2011
4 Stars
This is a fantastic recording that is extremely dynamic. I own the Classic records DAD of this as well. This 45 is a high quality pressing with a quiet background. You only hear the self noise of the period recording mics/amps...and the actual room that Muddy wWaters is sitting in. Every Mastering engineer has his/her own sonic signature....and this is no exception.


posted on 08/20/2011
5 Stars
Reviewer: Greg Nixon
Absolutely supurb! Silky black background--smoothest vinyl I've ever not heard. Trumps the Classic Records pressing which I have as well. The separation of instruments and voice within the soundstage both width and depth is astounding--could swear the musicians were right here in my listening room. I simply can't wait for more from Quality Vinyl. Thank you Chad, for your vision and perseverance in bringing the world the best vinyl ever produced!

Folk Singer

posted on 08/17/2011
5 Stars
Reviewer: Ant Simon
This one blows away the MFSL and Classic Records versions. It's absolutely stunning

This is the one you want

posted on 06/21/2011
5 Stars
Reviewer: Doron
Wow is the word ! I have listened to this lp on the mfsl and classic 33rpm dozens of times thinking how great it sounded, untill now that is. This pressings blows away the mfsl and classic 33.

A must have audiophile album

posted on 06/13/2011
5 Stars
Reviewer: Joel D.
Got this from Chad's (Acoustic Sound) personal recommendation at T.H.E. show ,Newport Beach, California. When he said "you'll be blown away" by this 45 rpm Album " Muddy Waters, Folk Singer"....he was dead on... I'm just speechless and very much glued to my sit listening to this album at home..Wish it had more tracks....recording engineering is just A++++. Highly recommended! Thank you Chad & Chad Stelly..hope to see more of Acoustic Sound booth/room in the coming Hi-end audio shows in California.

Must have blues

posted on 05/29/2011
5 Stars
Reviewer: Lou
I never owned the original so an't compare. But have heard nearly all the tunes over the years. This is the way blues was meant to be heard. Turn the lights down, grab a beer and enjoy.

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