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Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Neil Young is stirring things up again. This time he is rolling on down the road not only with an auto-centric concept album but with his own electric ride. Fork In The Road, whose largely eco car-themed songs he debuted in concert during the past year, will get a promotional push from the 1959 Lincoln Continental Young has converted to hybrid technology and which he plans to drive to Washington, D.C. Young worked on the "Lincvolt Project" with biodiesel pioneer Jonathan Goodwin, and one of the album's songs, "Johnny Magic," is named after Goodwin. Songs such as "Cough Up The Bucks," "Fuel Line," "Hit The Road" and "Get Around" also support Young's green leaning concepts.

"The first great protest album of the new dispensation." - Blender

1. When Worlds Collide
2. Fuel Line
3. Just Singing A Song
4. Johnny Magic
5. Cough Up The Bucks
6. Get Behind The Wheel
7. Off The Road
8. Hit The Road
9. Light A Candle
10. Fork In The Road

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Great pressing of a mediocore album.

posted on 10/25/2009
5 Stars
Is this Neil's best effort? No not at all, and it's not even close. But it is an honest representation of his music and thought process in these times. Being a die-hard Young fan and having every LP he's released, it was a given that I'd buy this, and I must say the packaging and pressing of this album is brilliant!

I love that Classic isn't doing Young's vinyl releases anymore, although he now has full control to get these Japanese pressings done, which DO break the bank. Between Sugar Mountain, Deja Vu LIVE, and this it's close to $250! But once you drop your stylus you'll hear why, the pressing quality is unmatched.

This is a must have for any Neil Young fan!

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