Spoon - Kill The Moonlight

 (20th Anniversary Limited Edition on White Vinyl)





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20th Anniversary Limited Edition white vinyl

"One of the greatest American rock bands of all time." — Time

Spoon got big by getting small. On 2001's Girls Can Tell, the first in a streak of aughts classics that saw the Austin rock band gain exponentially more fans with each new release, "getting small" meant returning to an independent label after a famously ill-fated stint in the majors, writes Stereogum.

As if doubling down, they quickly followed Girls Can Tell with an album that applied a less-is-more approach to the songs themselves. On Kill The Moonlight, released 20 years ago, the sounds that aren't there are as important as the ones that are. You could make an argument that the most significant instrument on the album is the tambourine. Then again, every element feels significant when there are so few of them in the mix, and this is an album that made every last whisper count.

To celebrate the album's anniversary the band are reissuing it on white vinyl via Matador's Revisionist History series. Spoon's latest for 2022 is its 10th album, Lucifer on the Sofa, available here.

Side A
1. Small Stakes
2. The Way We Get By
3. Something To Look Forward To
4. Stay Don't Go
5.Jonathan Fisk
6. Paper Tiger

Side B
1. Someone Something
2. Don't Let It Get You Down
3. All The Pretty Girls Go To The City
4. You Gotta Feel It
5. Back To The Life
6. Vittorio E.

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