David Bowie - The Buddha Of Suburbia

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Bowie's 19th studio album on double LP

The six studio albums inside Parlophone's fifth David Bowie-era box, 2021's Brilliant Adventure (1992-2001) will be available separately on vinyl starting in August 2022.

The albums in question are 1993's Black Tie White Noise, The Buddha of Suburbia (also from 1993 but not issued in the U.S. until much later), 1. Outside from '95, 1997's Earthling, ‘Hours...' from 1999 and the Toy album.

Originally released on November 8, 1993, The Buddha of Suburbia is David Bowie's 19th studio album. After meeting with Hanif Kureishi, author of the 1990 novel of the same name, Bowie decided to score a British television adaptation of Kureishi's novel.

The soundtrack album was poorly promoted and fell into obscurity, until it was reissued in 2007. It is one of Bowie's least known works, yet it is also one of his most innovative and captivating.

"Things start getting interesting with 1993's The Buddha of Suburbia. The most overlooked album in Bowie's oeuvre, it began life as a soundtrack to BBC2's film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Hanif Kureishi. Bowie took this remit and ran with it — ultimately only the title track made it into the film — working with longtime multi-instrumentalist collaborator Erdal Kizilçay on a suite of fascinatingly offbeat songs: the quasi-industrial 'Bleed Like a Craze, Dad' with its punning reference to the English gangsters the Krays; the gorgeous ambient piece 'The Mysteries'; the achingly romantic 'Strangers When We Meet' (re-recorded for Bowie's subsequent release 1. Outside) with its beautiful 'heel head over' wordplay; the driving, bittersweet 'Dead Against It.' Its instrumentals and experiments serve as a sonic bridge back to the Bowie of Low and Heroes while also pointing the way to the albums to come." — Sean T. Collins, Pitchfork



1. Buddha of Suburbia
2. Sex and the Church
3. South Horizon
4. The Mysteries
5. Bleed Like a Craze, Dad

1. Strangers When We Meet
2. Dead Against It
3. Untitled No. 1
4. Ian Fish, U.K. Heir
5. Buddha of Suburbia (featuring Lenny Kravitz on guitar)

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