Elton John - Madman Across The Water

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4 LP Vinyl Box Set + Booklet + Poster


Madman Across The Water 50th Anniversary 4LP Box Set!

Original album remastered plus demos, live and alternate versions, 1972 BBC Concert!

Includes a reproduction of a 1971 poster

Spawning the hits "Tiny Dancer" and "Levon," Madman Across The Water was Elton's fourth studio album, released only two years after his debut. Recorded in 1971, it was a foundation stone of what was to become a dazzlingly prolific decade for the global-icon-in-waiting.

Madman Across The Water was largely written after Elton had made his initial foray to America, offering the opportunity for lyricist Bernie Taupin to witness first-hand the landscapes and people he'd only seen on a screen or on the page. Recorded at Trident Studios in Central London in February and August 1971, it was the first album where all five players of Elton's fabled band lineup (Dee Murray, Nigel Olsson, Davey Johnstone, and Ray Cooper) were featured. The album also featured Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman, who plays Hammond organ on three songs.

The box set includes a 40-page booklet with introductions by Elton John and Bernie Taupin, photos and full essay featuring interviews with many who helped make Madman Across The Water, plus a reproduction 1971 poster, as well as memorabilia and artwork from the Rocket Archive.

50th Anniversary Edition
4LP Box Set
Cut at Abbey Road Studios
LP1: Madman Across the Water remastered by Bob Ludwig in 2016
LP2 & 3: Demos, Live & Alternative Versions
LP4: BBC Sounds for Saturday Concert, First Broadcast in 1972
40-Page Booklet with Introductions by Elton & Bernie, photos & full essay with interviews
Reproduction 1971 Poster
Artwork from the Rocket Archive
Made in Germany




LP 1
Side A
1. Tiny Dancer (2016 Bob Ludwig Remaster)
2. Levon (2016 Bob Ludwig Remaster)
3. Razor Face (2016 Bob Ludwig Remaster)
4. Madman Across The Water (2016 Bob Ludwig Remaster)
Side B
1. Indian Sunset (2016 Bob Ludwig Remaster)
2. Holiday Inn (2016 Bob Ludwig Remaster)
3. Rotten Peaches (2016 Bob Ludwig Remaster)
4. All The Nasties (2016 Bob Ludwig Remaster)
5. Goodbye (2016 Bob Ludwig Remaster)

LP 2
Side A
1. Indian Sunset (Live Radio Broadcast)
2. Madman Across The Water (Original Version, featuring Mick Ronson)
3. Rock Me When He’s Gone
4. Levon (Mono Single Version)
Side B
1. Razor Face (Extended Version)
2. Rock Me When He’s Gone (Piano Demo)
3. Rock Me When He’s Gone (Full Version)

LP 3
Side A
1. Madman Across The Water (1970 Piano Demo)
2. Tiny Dancer (Piano Demo)
3. Levon (Piano Demo)
4. Razor Face (Piano Demo)
5. Madman Across The Water (1971 Piano Demo)
Side B
1. Indian Sunset (Piano Demo)
2. Holiday Inn (Piano Demo)
3. Rotten Peaches (Piano Demo)
4. All The Nasties (Piano Demo)
5. Goodbye (Piano Demo)

LP 4
Side A
1. Tiny Dancer (BBC Sounds For Saturday)
2. Rotten Peaches (BBC Sounds For Saturday)
3. Razor Face (BBC Sounds For Saturday)
4. Holiday Inn (BBC Sounds For Saturday)
Side B
1. Indian Sunset (BBC Sounds For Saturday)
2. Levon (BBC Sounds For Saturday)
3. Madman Across The Water (BBC Sounds For Saturday)
4. Goodbye (BBC Sounds For Saturday)

Taped November 11, 1971 / transmitted April 29, 1972

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