The Secret Sisters - You Don't Own Me Anymore

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The third LP from the traditional country duo

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On their vulnerable new album, You Don't Own Me Anymore, country harmony duo Laura and sibling Lydia Rogers flip the book open wide, revealing their most personal project to date. "We write songs as a way for us to keep a scrapbook of our lives," Laura says.

You Don't Own Me Anymore didn't come to fruition easily, Rolling Stone writes. There was a lawsuit with a former manager to overcome, the shadow of impending bankruptcy and the loss of their record deal following the commercial failure of their second album, 2014's Put Your Needle Down. It all resulted in an overbearing feeling of despair for both Laura and Lydia.

"These songs came to be a record accidentally and unintentionally. They were written sporadically over a tumultuous two years riddled with more valleys than mountaintops. We considered it a victory when we could actually make ourselves get together to write, even if we struggled to produce anything of any quality. Creativity was tough amidst half-hearted business relationships, being dropped from our label, inconsistent touring, and filing personal bankruptcy. It took a toll on everything: our confidence, our outlook, our health, our happiness.

"In late 2015, our friend Brandi Carlile invited us to Seattle to play a couple of shows in her hometown. It was there that we explained all that had transpired with our career, how we were barely staying afloat. It was also there that she told us she would be producing our next record. Once we saw that this fantasy could actually become a reality, the frantic search for enough songs to make an album began. To our surprise, we had many things to say, and though some were difficult to write and slow to reveal themselves, we pushed onward. The songs here carry a common thread of what remained when we felt like we'd lost everything. It was in the hardest times that we saw the core of where our music and our souls originate. We still had our homes, our family, our friends, and our fans.

"This is not a record about rising from the ashes. Rather, it is a deep look into ourselves in an attempt to put out the flames. These songs are our catharsis; an effort to forgive, an effort to heal, an effort to look back into the darkness with newfound light and undeterred fearlessness, an effort to redeem ourselves. The damage was done, but our hearts remained; this is the product of that damage, for worse and for better." — Laura & Lydia (2017)

Side 1
Tennessee River Runs Low
Carry Me
King Cotton
Kathy's Song
He's Fine

Side 2
To All the Girls Who Cry
Little Again
You Don't Own Me Anymore
The Damage
’Til It's Over
Flee as a Bird

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