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New 24-bit/96kHz remaster of the original 1971 LP

Mastered from the original tapes

Original gatefold jacket artwork

Emerson, Lake and Palmer's entire catalog will be reissued over the course of the next year. The first batch of three albums — E.L.P, Tarkus and Pictures At An Exhibition — arrives July 29, 2016. 1971's Tarkus is a concept album about a creature that was part-armadillo, part-tank.

Side one of the original LP is occupied by the 21-minute title epic track, beating both Genesis' "Supper's Ready" and Yes' "Close to the Edge" by a year, writes AllMusic. Unlike Yes' cut-and-paste technique to obtain long suites, Tarkus is a thoroughly written, focused piece of music. It remains among the Top Ten classic tracks in progressive rock history.


Side 1
1. Tarkus
i. Eruption
ii. Stones of Years
iii. Iconoclast
iv. Mass
v. Manticore
vi. Battlefield

Side 2
1. Jeremy Bender
2. Bitches Crystal
3. The Only Way (Hymn)
4. Infinite Space (Conclusion)
5. A Time And A Place
6. Are You Ready Eddy?

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