Georg Solti - Stravinsky: Le Sacre Du Printemps/ The Chicago Symphony Orchestra


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To be sure: no other 20th-century ballet music has ever created such a commotion as this ancient rite of spring: it began with a turmoil which developed into a full-scale brawl at the premiere performance in the concert hall, was sung hymns of praise and suffered devastating reviews by critics who tore the work apart, and led up to the musico-philosophical libel written in the Fifties by that self-acclaimed "chief enemy" of Stravinsky, W. A. Adorno. This thrilling, epoch-making masterpiece remains fascinating to this very day thanks to its bloodcurdling rhythms, its secretive, intertwined melodies, and the boiling, seething, and lashing of the titanic instrumental forces. And Sir Georg Solti and his phenomenal orchestra certainly ensure that all this is brought over to the listener. The notes of the lyrical passages simply fly out of the loudspeakers with the lightness and airyness to which one is accustomed with DECCA recordings from this era. But one can still be astounded by this audiophile work of art: such a gentle, voluminous, lashing and pounding sound-storm is only normally heard live in the concert hall. And precisely because this recording sounds so marvellous, it tops the vinyl charts in the American specialist magazine The Absolute Sound.

1. First Part: L'Adoration De La Terre
2. Second Part: Le Sacrifice

Customer Reviews (4.40 Stars) 5 person(s) rated this product.

One to Have

posted on 06/12/2018
5 Stars
Reviewer: Dave
I am quite happy with the 3 recordings of this amazing piece of music. Bernstein/NY Phil/Columbia (when Stravinsky heard, he purportedly said only: "Wow!") Michael Tilson Thomas/BSO/DG (vinyl) - the "hippie" version and my sentimental favorite interpretation

and this version by the incomparable Chicago. Firing on all cylinders, and all the frequencies are there for maximum impact. It's a load of fun to listen to!

Buy It!

posted on 05/30/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: Henry
You need vinyl in order to appreciate the depth and expansiveness of this revolutionary composition. You also need a world class orchestra with a brass section like the CSO. There is no peer for this section in any other orchestra. I believe that this recording has some legends like Adolph Herseth and Dale Clevanger playing. Definitely worth the cost of admission!

A good version.

posted on 05/23/2009
4 Stars
Reviewer: Vinyl Lover.
It is not the best performance of this piece on recordings. I personally prefer the one conducted by Pierre Boulez with Cleveland. Unfortunately I don't have a vinyl version of it and it hasn't been reissued, so I have to live with the one on CD. Solti's version is a second best.

Buy the London

posted on 06/12/2008
3 Stars
My Decca pressed London sounds clearer and truer harmonically than this tubby pressing.

Deserving of all accolades

posted on 03/27/2005
5 Stars
Reviewer: John Greenstreet
Over the years I've accumulated quite a few versions of this work on both vinyl and CD, but all fell short in either sound quality, interpretation, or both. But one listen of this revealed that it is THE definitive performance of this masterpiece, conducted as Igor himself would have and recorded as perfectly as could ever be imagined. It truly does sound like you are sitting 10th row center.

The surfaces are impeccably quiet, so the recording can be enjoyed at "live performance" volume without problem.

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