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Holly Cole ignites the unspoken. Whether singing in the Yukon or New York City, she breathes the fresh air of irony through the smoky, dimly-lit longing for intimacy — traditionally a dangerous haven for a woman's smouldering soul.

Working here with producer Peter Moore, she preserves the quintessence of her live performances. Inspired by 1950s photos of Billie Holiday, Peter recorded live to 2-track using a single mike, letting "biofeedback": and the acoustics of the space do the rest: live off the floor. The revival of this unique recording process takes risks unheard of in these technology-laden times.

The result? A trio perfectly attuned to each other and every nuance of their music. As they explore jazz, country, pop and R&B, somehow the customary meanings in these forms are transformed by a contemporary sensibility — nostalgia has no place on this musical map. Note how Holly fathoms the emotional depth charges of "My Foolish Heart" - with just the hint of a smile surfacing in the refrain. If you've seen her sing you know she addresses "Girl Talk" to the women in her audience with a smirk no one could misinterpret. Here, David and Aaron accompany her like bemused eavesdroppers — as her formidable voice slides deliberately under the door and then throws it open wide to greet them with wry amusement. On stage, Holly introduces "Talk to Me Baby" with "Here's a love song - it's about lies and pity." Aaron's champagne glass rubato is a beautiful toast to the cupidity of the heart that only ever hears what it wants.

"The most entertaining song on the album may well be Cole's interpretation of the traditionally sunny and euphoric 'Downtown.' In her expert hands it moves from near cynicism to a guarded openness that makes this standard seem to have a range of meaning you may never have considered." — AllMusic.com


1. My Foolish Heart
2. Girl Talk
3. Talk to Me Baby
4. Cruisin’
5. Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most
6. Whoopee! My Baby Just Cares for Me
7. Rosalie How Long Has This Been Going On
8. I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
9. My Melancholy Baby
10. Downtown

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