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FLAC 176kHz/24bit Download

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The Groove Note Records team of Joe Harley (producer), Mike Ross (engineer) and Ying Tan (executive producer) join forces once again to orchestrate the second release from the label's first artist Jacintha. Titled Autumn Leaves, the album is a collection of 12 songs from Johnny Mercer.

Autumn Leaves finds Jacintha in excellent form and, once again, delivering several strong performances on many of the songs. One of the highlights of the album is the title track which finds Jacintha singing in the original French intro and first verse as well as the later Johnny Mercer English lyrics. We weren't the only ones impressed with Jacintha's vocal prowess, she also caught the attention of Bordertown Pictures (Touchstone Pictures) and a team arrived during the recording session to capture a brand new version of the Grammy-award winning song "Here's To Life." With Jacintha featured on vocals and the backing of Kei Akagi (piano), Teddy Edwards (tenor sax), Larance Marable (drums), Joe La Barbera (drums) and Darek Oles (bass) the musicianship on the recording is fantastic.

Artie Butler, the Grammy-winning composer of "Here's To Life" was also in attendance and played the Hammond B-3 organ on the track! The song is featured in the opening title sequence for the 2000 Ron Shelton film "Play It To The Bone" The soundtrack released by Hollywood Records also includes a second version of "Here's To Life" with Artie Butler accompanying Jacintha on piano, included here as a bonus track. The album was recorded live direct to 2-track and is mastered using Sony's Direct Stream Digital (DSD) process by Bernie Grundman in Hollywood to produce an album of true audiophile quality sound. Bonus Tracks: "Here's to Life" (soundtrack mix).

1. And The Angels Sing
2. Skylark
3. One For My Baby
4. Midnight Sun
5. Autumn Leaves
6. Days of Wine and Roses
7. I Remember You
8. Trav'lin' Light
9. Something's Gotta Give
10. Moon River
11. (Bonus Track) Here's To Life

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