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"Memphis singer songwriter Amy LaVere specializes in lyrics that are more barbed than her sweet soprano prepares you for." — NPR

Singer-songwriter Amy Lavere writes that movies that claim to be "based on a true story" are often a loose interpretation, and her concept record Runaway's Diary, is a bit like that.

"I really did run away from home, if only for a few days, and parts of this song diary come from those honest emotions and true events," she says. "But I wanted these songs to flow like good film, like my daydreams do, so I took a storytell's liberty here and there. My hope is that this collection is an all-encompassing escape for the listener; a chance to run away for 45 minutes and get lost in a good story."

She and a girlfriend on a whim "just split" when they were teens in high school, and wound up riding the bus from Detroit to Chicago's Union Station. "We definitely looked the part of teenagers ready to find trouble, and after a couple of nights we were caught and taken by paddy wagon to Juvenile Hall and then flown home. It was an adventure, and fortunately it had a safe and happy ending."

In 2009 Lavere opened for Seasick Steve, and his tales of hobo adventure reawakened some of that teenage vagabond wanderlust in her soul. It led her to write the songs which eventually made it on to Runaway's Diary.

"The cover songs stitch together and round out the storyline," Lavere says. "'Where I Lead Me' brings a little fun and defiance to the drifter in our story, when she's feeling free and empowered and isn't yet homesick or hungry. 'How' struck me at once as a song always appropriate at some point in just about any story's plot, and 'Dark Moon' comes at the moment she's realizing that there is always a dark side.

"My filmmaker friend Mike McCarthy wrote 'Lousy Pretender,' which I tried to include on my last record, Stranger Me, but  I couldn't make it fit. It seems to settle better with this collection of songs — perhaps it's a bit ambiguous in its literal place in the storyline, but this is where the listener gets to decide who plays the cheating wife.

"I'm sure now that when taking that trip to Chicago I was really running to something not away from something. My home life wasn't tragic — some parts were just sad and unsatisfying. My parents had recently divorced, my sister was angry and in trouble, and school bored me to tears. Most of my friends were lost souls experimenting with drugs (I am not excluded on this one count), skipping class (well, this one too), getting pregnant (thank goodness, not this one) and nothing seemed to be happening. As a matter of fact, I believe all of them stayed near that small Michigan town and now have nice families and regular jobs. At times that life seems desirable, but my nature is too restless. I wouldn't last."


Side 1
Last Rock n Roll Boy to Dance
Big Sister
Self Made Orphan
Where I Lead Me

Side 2
Don’t Go Yet John
Lousy Pretender
Dark Moon
I’ll Be Home Soon

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