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Boston - Boston

Total download size: 1.48GB Total play length: 37:46
Cover art included, liner notes not included

DSD file created by Gus Skinas from the original Sony Super Audio CD cutting masters.

The number one best-selling debut album of all time! With over 17 million copies sold since its original release, Boston's first album helped define '70s rock, featuring the classics "More Than A Feeling," "Smokin'," "Peace Of Mind" and "Let Me Take You Home Tonight."


1. More Than A Feeling
2. Peace of Mind
3. Foreplay/Long Time
4. Rock & Roll Band
5. Smokin'
6. Hitch a Ride
7. Something About You
8. Let Me Take You Home Tonight

Customer Reviews (4.00 Stars) 5 person(s) rated this product.

OK, But not impressed.

posted on 08/14/2014
3 Stars
Reviewer: Hubo
The High's are good not great. DSD seems to be an improvement over FLAC and WAVE with respect to MID and HIGH'S clarity and presence. Reminds me of HIGHS from the Album days on my MC Cartridge (this is of course my first exposure to DSD - I see a lot of potential if the album/songs are mastered correctly). (I need to hear more songs to make up my mind). However, in this particular case, the BASS was very low. I'm not a total BASS freak but I had to crank my GoldenEar 12" subs up real high just to get to a reasonable level. I know most Rock doesn't have a whole lot of BASS but I wonder what happened? Is DSD going to be BASS deficient? It doesn't seem like it should since it is so closely related to the source material. Thanks for hearing me out.

Not Worth $25

posted on 05/13/2014
3 Stars
Reviewer: Yor
There is not enough Hi Res detail to justify downloading for $25. If I could get my money back I would. The only additional detail I heard were in the drums. I heard very little if any extra detail or dynamics in the guitars especially the bass. Hopefully someone does a better remaster of this album and not just copying the files from the SACD.

Smokin!!... With a catch...

posted on 05/05/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: PRD
This is awesome!!... The sound is smooth as I would expect the master tape to sound... the "catch" is this is not a "pure" DSD file, it is 2.8MHz DoP (DSD over PCM)... However, the sonority is as good as expected, not having the original master tape to reference...

Some comments about playback hiccups are correct and verified with different players... PureMusic Version 2 will address the gapless playback issue...... The TEAC HR Player played the track transitions correctly.


posted on 03/18/2014
5 Stars
Hey, 5 stars for the music!

Same as Aerosmith:

I'd love to buy this download but I already have the record and a pre-loudness war CD. If this was sourced from the master and engineered by someone who cares about the music I'm an instant buyer. But without provenance it is hard for me to justify buying it again.

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