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DSD (Single Rate) 2.8MHz/64fs Download

DSD (Single Rate) 2.8MHz/64fs Download

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"This album, laid down shortly after the studio was opened, has all of these audio virtues (good sound balance and naturalness). You can practically feel the spit on Butler's harmonica, hear his foot tap on the wood floor, and sense his breathing between notes. The sidemen are also well defined and appropriately distributed around the soloist. ... had I not heard the DSD program, I would have been quite content with the hi-res FLAC files. ... Butler's voice had a smidge more presence on the DSD and the overall body given to the instruments was more palpable with a greater sense of air." — Lawrence D. Devoe MD, blu-raydefinition.com, November 2013. To read the entire review visit: http://www.blu-raydefinition.com/music/wild-child-butler-sho-nuff-high-resolution-music-download-review.html

"...the DSD download offers the complete musical experience, some of the best music with some of the most realistic 'you are there' sonics I've heard yet. The acoustic guitar, harmonica, bass, drums and vocals sound so real and the ambiance of the church is flat-out beautiful. In my opinion this is among the finest blues albums of all time; others are free to disagree, but I find it perfect in every possible dimension. My highest possible recommendation." — Teresa Goodwin, Positive Feedback Online, November/Decemter  2013. Read the whole review here: http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue70/apo.htm

Willie Dixon once told Wild Child Butler, "You are the moan of the suffering woman, the groan of the dying man. You ain't nothing but the blues."

Here's a man who's been heavily praised by Dixon, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf and Jimmy Rogers just to name a few; a man who those blues legends were proud to accompany. As traditional as the blues on this album are, there's no mistaking a Wild Child tune. They can't be played this way by anyone else - not so boisterous, not so Wild Child. His blues sometimes sound angry and raw, other times soft and country-polished.

This release offers a fine mix of Wild Child's down-home acoustic sound, his slow, muscular blues and his up-tempo shuffle or snapping blues. As Wild Child himself said, "If you can't dig these blues, you got a hole in your soul [to borrow from a Jimmy Rogers saying]. Talkin' 'bout sho' 'nuff."

"George 'Wild Child' Butler is one of the last original, hard-workin' delta bluesmen. Although his career started not until the 1960s, the old times' tradition is still clearly heard on his music. You may call it blues, you may call it southern soul, you may even call it rock 'n' roll, but you just can't categorize him to any particular field. There's just one George Butler, and then there are the others." - "Butcher Pete" Hoppula, Wang Dang Dula!...It's Time To Rock'n'rolla!

1. Open Up Baby
2. You Had Quit Me
3. I Got To Go (Sweet Daddy-O)
4. Can You Use A Man Like Me
5. Moaning Morning
6. Slippin' In
7. Funky Things
8. Maryanne
9. It's All Over
10. Loving
11. Achin' All Over
12. I Changed
13. Baby I Can't Exist

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