Pass Labs - XP-15 Single Chassis Phonostage Preamplifier

Pass Labs - XP-15 Single Chassis Phonostage Preamplifier

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M XP-15
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Since 1997 Pass Laboratories has been respected for building some of the finest phonostages in the audio industry. The transition from Aleph Ono, through X-0no and now to the XP-15 and XP-25 represents a sophistication and maturation of both thinking and component evolution.

Each new design of that evolution has brought a steady improvement in measured metrics such as diminished background noise and has contributed to a sonic image presented with improved resolution and additional sonic ease.

The popular advent of the moving coil cartridge demanded all this as well as higher available gain.

Each successive generation of Pass Laboratories phono-stage has addressed the special needs of these cartridges, while maintaining the ability to bring out the best in more conventional high output moving magnet cartridges as well.

The single chassis XP-15 easily bests the sonic performance of its predecessor the X-ono.

Pass Labs' entry level, single chassis, phonostage, like the XP-10 notable for being more dynamic and quieter than the Pass Labs legacy products it replaced at a lower cost.

Ship Weight (LBS):  15       

Number of Chassis:  1

Gain:  40dB, 46dB (MM), 71dB, 76dB (MC)

RIAA Response:  +/- 0.1dB, 20-20K Hz

Output Impedance:  300 / 300

Input Impedance:  47K or 1K / 0-650 pF (MM)

                            5 - 47K ohm (MC)

Power Consumption (W):  15


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I couldn’t believe my ears.

posted on 12/11/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Derek
I have this matched up with a nice Macintosh integrated Amplifier and Harbeth Speakers. The front end is an older Oracle table with an SME arm and modest Grado wooden body cartridge. I know this Pre-Amp deserves and can handle much better gear but I was so impressed with this upgrade I’m afraid to touch anything else. The Pass allows me to go in any direction cartridge wise which is great but for now I’m not changing a thing. I had read this unit has a warmer almost tube sound compared to others and I have to agree. This piece of gear will never leave my setup.??

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