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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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180 Gram LP

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Nirvana's legendary never-before-released 1992 Reading Concert ranked No. 1 in Kerrang Magazine's "100 Gigs That Shook The World" and voted as "Nirvana's No. 1 Greatest Moment" by fans in an NME poll, Nirvana's historic August 30, 1992 headlining appearance at the UK's Reading Festival is one of the most bootlegged concerts in the annals of rock and roll. Now, fans will have an opportunity to own a pristine copy of that performance.

1. Breed
2. Drain You
3. Aneurysm
4. School
5. Sliver
6. In Bloom
7. Come As You Are
8. Lithium
9. About A Girl
10. Tourette’s
11. Polly
12. Lounge Act
13. Smells Like Teen Spirit
14. On A Plain
15. Negative Creep
16. Been A Son
17. All Apologies
18. Blew
19. Dumb
20. Stay Away
21. Spank Thru
22. The Money Will Roll Right In
23. D-7
24. Territorial Pissings

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Sounds Like...Teen Spirit...

posted on 12/29/2009
4 Stars
Reviewer: Danny
I just got this in the mail today and I must say that I have been very excited at the release of this great concert for some time now. I already owne the DVD and love every second of it. As you can most likely already tell I am a huge Nirvana fan.

Now on to the rating. I give this pressing a 4 and not a 5 because I feel as though the bass is a bit lacking from this lp. This is probably not a defect in the master tape but rather an issue with the live recording from 18 years ago. I think but am not 100% sure that the recording from the soundboard was a single recording and had no isolation for each insturment. The DVD appears to be recorded in the same fashion.

If you are a fan of Nirvana this is a must have. This recording will destroy any bootleg copy of anything that you owne by Nirvana and that my friend, I promise...

Peace, Love, Empathy

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