Mike Rother - Esperanza

Mike Rother - Esperanza





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AASP 001
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Vinyl Record

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Micheal Rother is a true pioneer of the German electronica krautrock scene of the 70s. Working with members of Cluster to form Harmonia and members of the infamous band Kraftwerk and the special attention given to NEU! are only part of his musical accomplishments.

His eighth solo album, Esperanza, beams warmth and moves the listener into a melodious and emotional world immediately without cheap gimmicks but with style and pure beauty and depth. Four hand-picked bonus tracks round out the fourth side and are not found on the CD.

This pressing was pressed at RTI and is limited to 1,000 copies only. The double LP gatefold is a first for Apostrophe Productions.

1. Silver Sands
2. Perlenklang
3. Weil Schnee und Eis
4. Esperanza
5. Electra
6. Wolkenwelt
7. Kristall
8. Singapore-Lore
9. Heartbeat 67 BPM
10. Loop-Loop
11. Glox
12. Gleitflug
13. Travel
14. Herzlicht
15. One
16. Sphinx
17. Spirit of '72

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