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One technical solution for recording, editing and mastering DSD for SACD production was a new format developed by Digital Audio Denmark and Merging Technologies and acknowledged by Sony/Phillips called Digital eXtreme Definition (DXD). DXD is represented by a 24-bit/352.8kHz sampling rate. As we all know, every time there is a sample rate conversion, you step further away from the source. As with SACD, any editing or mastering that is done, needs to be converted to the PCM domain, or in this case DXD. Before final production, the material is converted back into DSD for full SACD replication. First Impression Music has taken this a step further to bring you closer to the source. Instead of making two or more sample rate conversions as with SACD, we record the source in DXD. The data rate for a DXD mono signal is 8467.2MHz, or more than three times the data rate of typical SACD.

Kama Meru
Lost World Theme
Imu Paru
Maripak: The Last Pterodactyl
Matawi: Killer of Men
St. Francis
Crystal Canyon
Lost World Reprise

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The Jungle Is Alive

posted on 11/17/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: Terry F
I first became aware of Michael Stearns’ The Lost World from HP’s Workshop in TAS 179. This is one of HP’s showcase CDs. However this CD is the second generation 24bit DXD version. It is everything that the first CD had and more. It has an expansive soundstage with a variety of detailed sounds. The original is also discussed in the August 2010 issue of TAS (page 110). I would have given the original five stars so this one goes beyond the limit.

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